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Post: “We can’t rule out power cuts”


Given the tense situation in the energy supply, the German Association of Cities and Municipalities has called for a further expansion of civil disaster control.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Sinnersdorf: Many lampposts in a field.

The German Association of Cities and Municipalities fears power cuts in the coming winter months due to the natural gas crisis. “There is a risk of a power outage,” said Gerd Landsberg, managing director of the association “Welt am Sonntag”.

German Association of Cities and Municipalities: Expand civil protection more intensively

Both vicious hacker attacks and “realistic scenarios” of “electric grid overload – for example, when the 650,000 fan heaters sold this year are connected to the grid in the event of a gas supply failure”.

We cannot ignore widespread power outages.

Gerd Landsberg, Director General of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities

In this case, Germany was not sufficiently armed. The federal government has acknowledged the situation, but is not acting sufficiently.

“Preparation for real crisis situations should be addressed much more intensely,” Landsberg said. Germany should “expand its civil disaster control much more intensively”.

Landsberg: Take recommendations for emergency supplies seriously

The president of the association urged every citizen to prepare for crisis situations. “I advocate taking seriously the Federal Office of Disaster Control’s recommendation that citizens keep water and food at home for 14 days,” Landsberg said. Unfortunately, almost no one follows this advice.

Every citizen should be aware of what happens when there is no electricity. “Then there’s no water, you can’t top it up, you can’t charge your cell phone after two days,” Landsberg said.

We are by no means ready for such a scenario.

Gerd Landsberg, Director General of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities

Scholz: Well prepared for winter

During the plenary debate in the Bundestag on Wednesday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) assured that his government is preparing good provisions for the upcoming “winter of hardships”.

He pointed out that the possibility of keeping two nuclear power plants in emergency reserve was created on the anniversary “so that there will never be a power outage in Germany”.

Source: ZDF

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