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Post: Lokomotiv trainer Nikitin: It is better to lose with blood on your face than with snot


Lokomotiv coach Nikitin said that it is better to lose with blood on his face than with snot

MOSCOW, September 14 – RIA Novosti. The head coach of the Yaroslavl hockey club “Locomotive” Igor Nikitin said that the players of his team should show more character in subsequent matches.

On Wednesday, SKA St. Petersburg (2:3), it was Nikitin’s third consecutive defeat in the Continental Hockey League (KHL) season.

Continental Hockey League (KHL)
14 September 2022 • Starts at 19:30

2 : 3

“Looking valuable and winning are different things, the psychology is completely different. You can’t win very well, but you can gnaw at it. It’s better to have a whole face covered in blood than snot.” and not spotty young men, and that it will not only turn us on, we will even grow a little bit more, but in that case our stats will come to fruition, if we are a male team, what’s not to break? At the press conference posted on Lokomotiv’s YouTube channel, Nikitin, we lose in terms of the quality of the game. We’re losing in our head. Garbage should be thrown away and cut with a pure heart and pure thoughts,” he said.

Source: Ria

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