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Post: The fight between Alvarez and Golovkin disappointed Drozd


Drozd described the fight between boxers Alvarez and Golovkin as boring

MOSCOW, September 18 – RIA Novosti, Oleg Bogatov. Former World Boxing Council (WBC) world champion Russian Grigory Drozd told RIA Novosti he was saddened by the outcome of the title fight between the World Boxing Association (WBA Super) belt holder World Boxing Organization (WBO). WBC and International Boxing Federation (IBF) second middleweight Saul Alvarez of Mexico and Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan.

The third fight between Golovkin and Alvarez took place in Las Vegas (USA) and ended with the victory of the Mexicans by unanimous decision. It was the first duel of the representative of Kazakhstan in this weight category. Prior to that, the boxers met in 2017 and 2018 (a draw and Alvarez’s victory by decision).

“I was disappointed with the outcome of the fight,” said Drozd. “We understand that every person has their own resources and Gena could probably do better. Alvarez, to be honest, I didn’t see much desire and enthusiasm. The enthusiasm, so the fight, let’s say, was boring. Everything was pretty good without counterattacks, risks, blows. It went calmly and I had no doubt that Alvarez would win in the end. The eight took the fight in their favour, and won confidently. But for the fans, it wasn’t the best match between Alvarez and Golovkin.”

The Mexican lost to Dmitry Bivol on May 8 in Las Vegas and failed to claim the WBA Super light heavyweight title from the Russians.

“If Alvarez wants to take revenge on Bivol, then this level certainly does not allow it,” added the expert, “It was not offensive at all, there was no series, repeated attacks, I got the impression that Saul reluctantly boxed. Gena, fight from Dmitry he tried to get a drawing of it and decided to work as number two: stopping the speed and responding to counter attacks. But then he realized that he had his own preparations and did not fully open. , boxing in economy mode. Gena should have been a definite result of this story, but it did not happen. Very in terms of speed It was a strange struggle, I got the impression that the guys didn’t give it all.”

Alvarez is 32 years old, the boxer has 58 wins (39 knockouts), two losses and two draws. Golovkin, 40, holds the WBA Super middleweight title. They have 42 wins (37 KOs), two losses and one draw.

Source: Ria

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