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Post: Mikhailov told what the USSR national team lost after losing to the Canadians in 1972.


Mikhailov: We would beat Canada if we knew they would give us cars

MOSCOW, September 21 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Senchenko. Two-time Olympic champion and Moscow supervisory board member CSKA Boris Mikhailov described a funny incident that occurred in the Soviet team’s locker room after the last game with Canadian hockey players in the 1972 Super Series.

The Super Series consisted of eight matches. Canadian hockey players won four victories, the USSR national team – three. Another match ended in a draw.

“The first second in the locker room was so good that everyone sat down and said: “What kind of eccentrics have we lost.” We were told: “You lost to the Volga. Looks like we can win a car. If we had known this earlier, we would have won the Canadians. That Super Series wasn’t just a game series. Then the NHL opened its eyes, began to invite players from the Soviet Union,” Mikhailov said at a press conference in Moscow.

Mikhailov also expressed the opinion that the participation of the Russian team in the 2024 World Cup is mandatory.

“Currently, the World Cup is a starting point. But there are some questions about who will organize it from our side. There were a lot of things I didn’t understand when we went to the first World Cup. It should be the team. We are an empty place,” added Mikhailov.

Source: Ria

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