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WADA acquits Ukraine’s anti-doping center of non-compliance


WADA temporarily acquits Ukraine’s anti-doping organization in case of non-compliance

MOSCOW, September 23 – RIA Novosti. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Executive Committee provisionally acquitted Ukraine’s National Anti-Doping Center (NADCU) for non-compliance with anti-doping regulation, reported on the organization’s website.

The decision was taken at the executive committee meeting held on Friday. In the statement made by the executive board, it was stated that the temporary reason was due to force majeure due to the conflict in Ukraine. It was also noted that NADCU continues to work to eliminate inconsistencies.

“This approach is in line with Article 8.4.3 of the International Code of Signature Compliance Standard (SCCS). WADA will continue to monitor the situation and the Compliance Committee (CRC) will review the situation once the Force Majeure is over. The WADA report outlining the inconsistencies in Ukraine, now NADCU He is not involved in the work of ‘.

In October 2021, WADA reported that an investigation launched in 2019 known as “Operation Hercules” found evidence that since 2012 the NADCU had conducted an unreasonable pre-sample collection by regulating the testing of athletes with advance notice. Regarding the NADCU, a procedure has been initiated to verify the compliance of signatories with the code.

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