Post: Ignatiev downplays the outcome of the match between Russia and Kyrgyzstan

Boris Ignatiev downplays the result of the match between the national teams of Russia and Kyrgyzstan

st. PETERSBURG, September 23 – RIA Novosti, Dmitry Edigarev. Former Russian national team coach Boris Ignatiev believes that the result of the team’s friendly match with Kyrgyz players is not important.

The match between the national teams of Russia and Kyrgyzstan will be held on September 24 in Bishkek.

“The Kyrgyzstan match will be a celebration for those present. It doesn’t matter to me how we play or what the score will be. We have to see who we are. Victory is always pleasant, but it is.” What’s behind it matters. It is clear that we are stronger. We need to understand whether there will be hope in terms of the quality of the play that the players will show, or whether it will still be the grind that will bring victory.” Ignatiev told RIA Novosti.

He noted that there are players who deserve to be included in the national team with the game they played in the Russian national team.

“I see those in the national team who deserve it. I don’t see a single name that I doubt. If we had gone to the World Cup, some of them would not have come, but we would still think. These are the people,” added the agency’s source.

Source: Ria

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