SportsGreat competitive environment at the "Junior Festival" within the...

Great competitive environment at the “Junior Festival” within the scope of the “Mother of the Country” Jujitsu Cup


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Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

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In an exceptional atmosphere of enthusiasm and encouragement, the Ju-Jitsu Arena, Zayed Sports City, in the capital Abu Dhabi, today (Friday) witnessed the competitions of the Young Talent Festival that takes place as part of the ‘Mother of the Mother’ . Jiu-Jitsu Nations Cup, with the participation of hundreds of children of different nationalities.
Around 400 footballers and soccer players aged 4 to 13 from various clubs and academies across the country participated in the festival, which is in line with the federation’s effort to promote the sport among younger age groups. Because this is the future of jiu-jitsu in the country.
The Youth Festival and other children’s activities are of great importance in the Federation’s agenda as one of the main pillars supporting the development of the game and the strategic heritage of the teams in the coming years. Receive adult-like patterns. and professional-grade competitions that help equip them with the knowledge they need to start their professional career in an exceptional environment that helps them grow and develop.
Festival competitions were attended and the winners were Sheikh Zayed bin Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of Jujitsu Federation Mohammed Salem Al Daheri and General Secretary of Education Award Khalifa Amal Afifi.

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Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri praised the large participation in the festival, which reflects the growing awareness of the sport and its importance, noting that the game has established its position in society and has become a way of life for all segments of society. Emirati families want to contribute to the Federation to build strong generations that love success.
He said: “Since the start of the season, the federation has wanted to include in its agenda a set of tournaments for children and teenagers based on their role in shaping the future of jiu-jitsu in the country. Today’s footage is tomorrow’s heroes, and this scene confirms with expressive public art that we are heading in the right direction, within a clear plan to continue development, in line with our future goals, reach and maintain the top and prepare . A generation of emirates that can shine and win titles in the biggest world championships with the unlimited support of a rational leadership.
The Junior Festival competitions were characterized by a large community presence, with families constituting the largest proportion, coming together to applaud their children and motivate them to victory.
Mohammed Saleh Al-Hashemi, father of player Khaled “White Belt”, said such wonderful events allow families, children and parents to follow their children’s development in this precious sport, especially after their child participates. . Championship for the fourth time.
He added: “Since my son started in this sport we have seen a positive change in his personality, his confidence has increased and he has become more balanced, disciplined and able to make decisions.
For her part, Leah, mother of player Karim Al Hind, praised the atmosphere of the competitive tournament, seeing children apply the highest level of discipline and commitment to the mat and gain accessible experience through these tournaments, which reflects the speed of union and interest for the new generations.
He added that “Ju-Jitsu helped to refine the personality of children and saved them from many challenges faced by the current generation, especially the virtual world, the Internet, electronic games and their negative effects on youth.”
In turn, Alan Patrick, father of player Jasmin “Yellow Belt”, who has participated in several tournaments before, said: Abu Dhabi offers the best avenues for talent development, as it organizes the most important international tournaments and hosts important tournaments. Many academies and clubs with amazing facilities to help players develop, the federation does a great job and gives equal opportunity to all players, if you have talent and determination you will achieve your goal.
She added: I hope for a great future for my daughter because she lives in a country that develops in all areas and we have a lot of talent in Brazil, but we didn’t find that interest in training programs, championships and coaches. Thank you to the leaders and people of the UAE.
Instead, the “Mother of the Nation” jiu-jitsu championship will start tomorrow, in which hundreds of players from various clubs and academies across the country will participate.
The competitions will be held in 3 categories: female up to 16 years old, young female up to 18 years old and adult over 18 years old. National team.
Al Wahda, Al Ain, Sharjah Self-Defense Sports Clubs, Al Jazira, Palms Sports Academy and Team 777 battle it out for the top three.

Source: Al Ittihad

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