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“Abu Dhabi Bots” participates in the “double challenge” in Italy


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San Nazaro (Union)

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The Abu Dhabi Powerboat Team is gearing up for the second round of the Formula 1 World Championship to take part in the first major racing challenge to be held in San Nazaro, Italy. The second and final race of this stage starts on Sunday, in which 15 boats from the international competition will participate.
The team’s boats arrive to defend the lead at this point, as Abu Dhabi 6, commanded by Sean Torrent, leads the general classification with 20 points, while Abu Dhabi 5, commanded by Tan. Al-Kamzi is in second place with 15 points, the “Ships” continue on their way. The dream is to win the title of champion this season, the eighth in the history of the UAE team, after winning the seventh title. For the first time in a lifetime of participating in the competition.
The Abu Dhabi team got off to a good start to the championship after winning first and second place in the first and first rounds held in Macon, France, last May.
And the round features 15 boats, led by Swedish champion Jonas Andersson, who won the title for the first time last season – a big surprise given the number of competitors – and Andersson has swept them ever since. “Dramatic break”, in the final round of last season, the Abu Dhabi team was one of the strong contenders for the eighth title last season, as Anderson won the title in an “interesting scenario”, in the final round of the 2021 season.
Over the past two days, the team’s boats have undergone extensive testing, mainly on the engine, to select the correct alignment and ‘mix’ for the Tour race, as well as selecting the most suitable propellers for the race. It also ensured the optimal performance of each runner throughout the competition.

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This lake holds fond memories of Thani Al-Qamzi as he had finished first in the 2021 season after a strong challenge from Italian owner Alberto Cambrato and was therefore armed with the memory factor and touring races.
The first main race, “Saturday”, starts on a 1971 meter long track divided into 6 aerial gates, 5 of which will turn right and the “yellow gate” will turn left or in as the competition jargon says, and the track has the characteristics that most runners are looking for, it is a long distance between the aerial gates, as some distances are 600 meters and 580 meters between some gates, which strongly offers the option of overtaking several boats on the course, and in the jargon of the races the boats will reach their maximum speed in some stages of the course and you will have Team Abu Dhabi boats with the skill of their jockeys, the ability to handle them. The ability to overtake and reach high speed in various corners of the course.
In turn, Juma Al Qubais, Radio Man Thani Al Qamzi, expressed optimism about the length of the track and said: Considering that the length of the track is 1971 meters, we are optimistic with this figure that we will achieve a platform and results, through the race. and with the UAE Navy at the top of the sport, as always, the race takes place in an almost perfect environment for us in terms of training and preparation, and the picture remains to be completed with achievements. first places

Al Qubaisi highlighted an important point of the course, which is the fresh water of the lake, and will have special treatment for the competitors, mainly because the boat is usually faster in salt water and lighter, but along Lake San Nazaro, the freshness of the water, which requires more precise and different parameters. Details Some elements, especially the propellers, must be carefully selected before any competition to adapt to each competitor’s boat.
Al Qubaisi said: In the Abu Dhabi team, the rider has the space to choose the right propeller that he thinks matches the speed of the boat and the engine configuration, and that gives the riders more comfort in the race.
The Abu Dhabi team’s mission was supported and assisted by Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, where he interacted with Abu Dhabi Team Chief Salem Al Rumait. His Highness Jeque Mohammed bin Sultan gave the champions support and words of alienation to give the best of himself in the second round of the tournament and try to present a bright and strong image of the Abu Dhabi team in international participation and in all seasons.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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