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Post: Lost generation geniuses. Will the world not see the best Russian skaters?


Single skaters’ test skates made a lot of impressions. The first of these is ignorance. Imagine Leonardo da Vinci’s Gioconda hiding not in the Louvre but in a modern and tastefully furnished (yet still mundane) apartment that has caught the attention of a thousand eyes. Between the bedroom and the living room, on the wall, where the sun never falls during the day.

We recall that the International Skating Union suspended the Russians from international competitions in March 2022. We know that the Russian Figure Skating Federation has found a way out. He created his own virtual reality with sponsors and partners. A season full of constant internal tournaments with a huge prize pool.

All this was to motivate the athletes. Encourage them not to go to school, New Year’s shows, or horseback riding. The federation did not want to lose all the commercial appeal that figure skating had struggled to gain for many years.

The organizers also did a great job worthy of many accolades. Figure skating on these skates was shown in the most beautiful and high-quality picture in the history of Russian television. In the new season, the idea of ​​the red carpet directly from behind the board, video business cards, athletes dressed to the brim are very cool.

However, we continue to perceive sports with the motto “Faster”. Above. Stronger”, not seeing the potential of the show. Maybe one day that will change. Such changes are not a matter of a season or even an Olympic cycle. At the same time, the show is important, but only when it acts in addition to the competition.

We’re not the only ones looking at sports this way. High-performing skaters themselves, due to the way they are presented by the entertainers at tournaments and ice shows. They sincerely want to be represented as champions of Europe, the world and the Olympic Games. That’s right, nothing more. They get annoyed when the right gold is missed somewhere, along with the title.

It can be considered as pride or arrogance, corrupt character. But here is only the nature of the sport. Concentrate of very sporty character. Also, titles are the universal currency of the future. They can be turned into advertising contracts, participation in media projects, invitations to shows, and even an additional markup for notorious tricks.

The absence of titles, unfortunately, cannot be replaced by the entire season’s prize money. Because figure skaters who have reached the level of the Russian national team devote their lives to conquering the most difficult jumps. They don’t do everything for money. They need recognition, validation, audience love and titles. Money is a nice bonus that is more valuable to parents who invest millions in their children’s excellence. Set that one day the funds will start returning.

And now we look at girls who are already perfect at 15-16 years old. But for now, they don’t even have vague hopes of officially becoming the best in the continent or the world. Since the pandemic season, this generation, with all its fantastic talent and hard work, has been thrown into the main competitions. Even teenagers.

Have you seen how Sofia Muravyova feels and merges with music? Did you feel the crazy energy of Sophia Samodelkina? Did you hear Sofia Akatieva speaking into the microphone and live cameras? It is as if in “Megasport” there is not five thousand spectators, but a school class of 15 people. We are already silent about how he rides and jumps.

Have you noticed how Adelia Petrosyan stubbornly jumps on “Medvedev’s way” and cleverly incorporates every move into the program? Sonya, Sonya, Sofa and Adelia are each ideal in themselves, but completely different for our perception. A wonderful garden full of incredible flowers on a beautiful planet.

When we looked at Kamila Valieva recently, we saw that it would not be more ideal. It turns out that the search is more ideal and not necessary. One had only to consider the individuality and level of love of each of the rising stars. It is a pity that its values ​​became so pronounced when the “Gioconda” was finally fixed on the wall between the bedroom and living room of the apartment, the windows and doors of which were tightly closed.

It is clear that figure skating is just a part of life. For you and me. But for Akatieva, Muravieva, Samodelkina, Petrosyan and other girls, they are all life. In 10 years of training, they failed to establish another. And it is impossible to stop thinking that children do not deserve all these evils. Someone needs to find a way to get nails out of boards and windows and doors. So people will be drawn back to Gioconda.

Source: Ria

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