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Post: The coach of the figure skater Muravyova told about the health problems of the athlete


Coach Muravyova has reported health problems with the skater since April

MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti, Vlad Zhukov. In an interview with RIA Novosti, sports coach Dmitry Mikhailov said that Russian skater Sofia Muravyova, who trains at the Evgeni Plushenko Academy, has not been able to fully work out in training since April due to health problems.

On Saturday and Sunday, Muravyova performed in the test skates of the Russian national team skaters in Moscow.

“After Russia (championship) and closer to April, a problem with the foot began. I think something was drawn to the other. Since April, there was almost no jumping load. Mihaylov said.

“In any case, some pain – we generalize to injuries – is there throughout the season. Everything hurt me too when I was skating. Last season my periosteum hurt. There were constant problems with it, it was treated,” he added. ram.

Read the full interview with Dmitry Mikhailov on Monday at

Source: Ria

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