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Post: 14-year-old Russian tennis player suspended for meldonium


The 14-year-old Russian tennis player was suspended for 9 months due to meldonium.

MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti. The fourteen-year-old Russian tennis player was banned from the sport for nine months after admitting to violating the anti-doping rule. reported On the website of the Tennis Anti-Tennis Authority (ITIA).

Due to the age of the actor, his name was not disclosed. The tennis player was playing in the second ITF tournament at senior level in January 2022, when the drug sample was taken as part of random testing. The sample was sent to a laboratory accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the presence of meldonium was detected in sample A, and then the presence of the drug in sample B was confirmed.

Initially it is stated that his disqualification should be calculated for two years. However, the player is classified as a protected person due to his age. It also found “no significant faults or omissions”. Therefore, his suspension was reduced to nine months (effective from 5 March 2022) due to his age, player level and lack of access to anti-doping training.

In 2016, former world number one Russian Maria Sharapova was suspended for two years after the discovery of meldonium in her case. She pleaded guilty to the tennis player, she. According to him, the drug was used only for therapeutic purposes. Following Sharapova’s appeal, the disqualification period was reduced to 15 months, as the court found that the Russian woman had unintentionally taken meldonium to improve results.

Source: Ria

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