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Post: “True Russian enemy and bandit”: about Chervichenko – Paul Ashworth


Chervichenko about Ashworth: this is a real Russophobe and does not understand football

MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti, Vasily Bogdanov. Former head of Moscow “Spartak” Andrey Chervichenko told RIA Novosti that the first decisions of the new leadership of the football club seemed to be Leonid Fedun’s worst mistakes.

On Monday, Spartak announced the appointment of Briton Paul Ashworth to the post of sporting director. Previously, Lukoil had bought 100% of Spartak’s shares. Leonid Fedun, owner of the club since 2004, resigned as chairman, member and chairman of the board. In July, the post of Spartak sports director left Italian Luca Cattani.

“I look at what’s going on with nervousness. I don’t know anyone there except Alexander Matytsyn. According to my information he is almost the only one who understands football there. And it was caused by the appointment of a new sports director. A big surprise, to put it mildly, just by the fact that they have plans to sell the club to foreign investors. explain it and there were many rumors about it. But it is hard to believe in the current realities. As for Ashworth, he is a true Russian enemy. Ask Matthias Normann, if he agrees, how this thug deterred his passage to Rostov, what tales he tells about Russia. He also played in Kazakhstan, as there is a lot of evidence. He just does not understand football, to which he is affiliated by his brother, who works in the federation or elsewhere, “said Chervichenko.

“I believe the transfer budget will really increase. But Ashworth will be the first to benefit from it. And then everything will be the same as before. Now importing foreign players has become difficult, and it is surprising that a foreigner is placed. The agency’s interlocutor, I think, “is a slap on the entire Russian society. So far the first steps of the new leadership seem to be the worst mistakes under Leonid Fedun,” he added.

Source: Ria

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