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Post: FIDE launches investigation into dispute between Carlsen and Niemann


FIDE launches investigation into conflict between Norwegian Carlsen and American Niemann

MOSCOW, September 30 – RIA Novosti. On the official website of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) stated about the creation of a group to analyze the conflict between the reigning world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Hans Niemann of the American.

Carlsen accused the American grandmaster of cheating on Monday. In September, the Norwegian moved to St. Petersburg after losing to Niemann in the third round. Withdrawn from the final stage of the Grand Chess Tour in St. Louis (USA). According to Norwegian publication VG, Carlsen made this decision because he suspected his 19-year-old rival was cheating. Carlsen faced Niemann again in the online Champions’ Chess Tour on September 19 and decided to step down after two moves of the game.

The investigation team will include three members of the FIDE Fair Play Commission. They can also seek advice from independent experts. The investigation must examine Carlsen’s allegations of Niemann’s crimes and Niemann’s own allegations of internet fraud.

“For the benefit of the chess community, we ask the public to refrain from speculating about outcomes and possible sanctions until all facts have been carefully considered and an appropriate investigation completed,” said Salomea Zaksaite, president of FIDE Fair Play. The Commission said in a statement.

Source: Ria

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