Post: Messi is already going to kill Lewandowski in the group. And this will only be the beginning of the World Cup

50 days until the 2022 World Cup. It’s time to remember the bright posters that will surprise Qatar already in the group stage of the World Cup.

France – Denmark

  • Group D

  • Date: 26 November;

  • Place: Stadium 974, Doha.

A remake of the most boring (perhaps miserable) match of the 2018 Russia World Cup. In the third round of the group stage, the French and Danes scored a goalless draw befitting both teams. While they lingered, the Peruvians were killing Team Australia’s sensational chances.

Four years from now, they will have a chance to make up for this depressing performance. True, this will happen again in the final round – the probability of seeing a new “world” is growing sharply, and the Tunisian and (again) Australian teams should push themselves.

Poland – Argentina

  • Group C

  • Date: 30 November;

  • Place: Stadium 974, Doha.

One of the main injustices of 2021: Robert Lewandowski, who did not receive the Golden Ball in the year of the pandemic due to the removal of voting, again left without the main individual award. Lionel Messi’s historic Copa America victory overshadowed how outstanding Loeva had been for two years in the eyes of the electorate.

From that moment on, the Polish and Argentinean did not intersect on the field. This means that an ordinary match in the group is an additional intrigue.

Spain – Germany

  • Group E

  • Date: 27 November;

  • Place: “Al-Bayt”, Al-Khaur.

Classical. I immediately think of the Euro 2008 final and the 2010 World Cup semi-final, a tough fight, the same score 1-0 and only Fernando Torres and Carles Puyol’s goals.

Now the poster is a little faded. Neither the Spaniards nor the Germans are in the top 3 favorites of the world championship (or even in the top 5: the question is how do you evaluate the chances of France, Belgium, Brazil, England, Argentina and the Netherlands), but this is certainly not a reason to miss the battle of the European giants.

Wales – England

  • Group B

  • Date: 29 November;

  • Place: “Ahmed bin Ali”, Private Rayyan.

British showdowns are always uncompromising and very emotional. After a sensational draw with Russia, England took the win from Wales with Daniel Sturridge’s goal in the 92nd minute, why not a match in France European Championship in 2016?

Croatia — Belgium

  • Group F

  • Date: November 1;

  • Place: “Ahmed bin Ali”, Private Rayyan.

An incredible showdown: the finalists of the final tournament will play with the bronze medal winners. Starting rosters will have a scattering of stars most likely to battle the Canadians and Moroccans for first place in the foursome.

Thibaut Courtois, Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku against Ivan Perisic, Luka Modric and Nikola Vlasic is not a match for football fans, but a fairy tale.

Source: Ria

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