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How many times Trusova wanted to break up with Tutberidze: details unknown


Figure skater Trusova Tutberidze left her group and will work with Sokolovskaya

Beijing 2022 silver medalist Alexandra Trusova has split from Eteri Tutberidze for the second time. The RIA Novosti Sport correspondent discusses why the collapse of the union between the trainer and the skater is inevitable.

I heard that the coach really appreciated Trusova – perhaps more than others, but this did not affect her daily routine. It was not easy for Tutberidze to deal with a characteristic skater who wanted privilege, something personal.

For the first time, this led him to Evgeni Plushenko. The conversations of the figure skater’s parents about the transition to the two-time Olympic champion returned in the spring of 2018. Immediately after another important athlete for Tutberidze, Evgenia Medvedeva went to Canada. This happened two years later, but the union of the two champions only lasted one season. And then not without interesting details – for example, I was first told that Sasha and her family decided to leave Plushenko in the summer of 2020, a few months after she came to him. And in the fall, after the extremely unsuccessful Grand Prix for her in Moscow, Alexandra’s father negotiated to return Tutberidze. True, they were extremely short and inefficient, but still.

The serious and long-standing reunion of Trusova and Tutberidze, which took place on May 1, 2021, was initially not believed. It quickly became clear that their collaboration would be specifically targeted for the Olympics. In Khrustalny, at a crucial stage of her career, Alexandra took the usual heavy training mode in the “die or be killed” format, where she had no chance of being without a medal, and she got two key opportunities against Eteri Georgievna – to get all three quotas in women’s singles and become a record-breaking Olympic coach .

At the 2021 World Championships in Stockholm, I heard firsthand that Trusova was in top form for almost her entire career. Plushenko’s headquarters managed to bypass the trauma and adolescence, bringing him to excellent physical condition (not to be confused with mental, everything here was simply flawed). And on the sidelines they are sure that it made an impression on Tutberidze. Perhaps, to some extent, even hope inspired – they say, if not Kamila Valieva, whom everyone considers the main hope for Beijing’s personal gold, then definitely Sasha.

To some extent, it did. At least Eteri Georgievna received absolutely maximum dividends from this temporary cooperation. However, I would not say that Sasha was deprived – she was given two great programs, she peaked at the Games, where she was able to finish five quadruple jumps in the free program. The only problem was that even that wasn’t enough.

And if so, why do you keep torturing yourself? And both one and the other.

A source from RIA Novosti Sport said that one of the main reasons for Trusova’s transition to Sokolovskaya was the skater’s dissatisfaction with Tutberidze’s strict training methods, which, according to Sasha, aggravated his injuries. The explanation is reasonable, but there is a small nuance here – Trusova was also injured by Plushenko.

In the same fall of 2020, he suffered a rather serious injury to the back of his thigh and was stopped only towards the end of winter. The skater did not talk about the problems, but from the failure at the Grand Prix and the light content in the subsequent competitions, it was clear that everything was not so good. And this takes into account the fact that Plushenko has positioned himself as a more liberal coach whose health is a priority.

After returning to Tutberidze, the situation did not change dramatically. In the fall of 2021, six months before the Beijing Olympics, Trusova suffered a bone fracture in her right foot. On this account, I heard different versions, but the next raid – the damage was mechanical, it appeared when the leg descended from a jump. Given that Alexandra has issues with her ankle ligaments, the theory is more than working – it’s just as true.

And then, already in the last test skating, we found out that Sasha hurt her back. And this is at the beginning of the season, when there are still no really competitive loads. Taking into account the fact that not all bonuses of Khrustalny during the off-season are clearly 100% trained, we can conclude that the damage is cumulative. This means that there were problems before, but now they have emerged, crawling against the backdrop of increased workloads. Basically, the puzzle comes together. True, where is the guarantee that Sokolovskaya will not be the same? I guess Sasha isn’t looking for them either.

Svetlana Vladimirovna has two notable examples of athletes who have survived serious health problems (Alexander Samarin and his back, Mark Kondratyuk and Osgood-Schlatter disease) – this, apparently, is more than enough. In addition, now, when there are objectively few sports goals, their priorities can simply change. It is unlikely that Tutberidze would react positively to this, and Sokolovskaya would probably have accepted everything with a light heart.

I agree that Sasha no longer needs any more.

The author’s view may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Ria

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