Post: Dina Averina thanks Viner and her sister after making it to the record books

Inclusion in the Russian Book of Records gave Dina Averina motivation and inspiration

MOSCOW, October 7 – RIA Novosti. Dina Averina, multiple world champion in rhythmic gymnastics statedIts inclusion in the Russian Book of Records added motivation and inspiration for new achievements.

On Thursday, at the second stage of the Cup of the strongest rhythmic gymnastics in Moscow, Averina was awarded a certificate from the Russian Book of Records for the record of victories in the world championships.

“It is a great surprise for me and at the same time a great honor to be included in the Russian Book of Records. I think this is our joint success, which could not have happened without Irina Alexandrovna, Vera Nikolaevna, Irina. Borisovna, Yulia Vladimirovna, Larisa Viktorovna, Veronika Borisovna, Arisha, my family , doctors, judges and anyone else who is always there, sick and worried.This award has definitely given motivation and inspiration for new records. Believe in yourself and remember that nothing is impossible”, – wrote on the Telegram channel Averina.

Averina is 24 years old. He is an 18-time world champion, including a silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics and a four-time absolute world champion. She also has 10 gold medals at the European Championships, she. Previously, the record for the number of world championship gold medals belonged to Evgenia Kanaeva (17).

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