SportsJeleznyakov: Dvoeglazov can expect a good future

Jeleznyakov: Dvoeglazov can expect a good future


Zheleznyakov said that figure skater Dvoeglazova has a good future

MOSCOW, October 7 – RIA Novosti, Alena Sulizova. Choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov told RIA Novosti that the figure skater of the Eteri Tutberidze group, Alisa Dvoeglazova, has a good future if she continues to move forward.

On Friday, Dvoeglazova won the St. He became the winner of the Panin-Colomenkin monument in St. Petersburg. The figure skater made two jumps in four rounds – a lutz and a sheepskin coat.

“She works really honestly to the extent that her hard work and nature allow. The same thing happens in my classes. The girl has done well, she is on the right track. If she continues in the same spirit, she has a good future. As a choreographer, I am satisfied with her,” said Zheleznyakov.

According to her, Dvoeglazova shows talent and potential in terms of choreography.

“In terms of choreography, the girl has a lot of potential, she is very talented at it. Of course, she sounded a little rude, but she works hard. Alice said that when talented children were always interested, there was none. Complaints against Alice,” added Zheleznyakov.

Source: Ria

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