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Post: Moscow diction has nothing to do with it. How did Averbukh divide Zagitova and Shcherbakova?


Anna Shcherbakova is already leading the Ice Age with Alina Zagitova and Alexei Yagudin. The decision of the show’s producer, Ilya Averbukh, to invite the Beijing Olympic champion is logical and even somewhat obvious. Anna’s speech is exactly the same as her business card, like the quad lutz and flip. Throughout his career, fans and journalists are very happy, because he speaks harmoniously even in short interviews after the champion hires, when the competitive fever has not yet subsided and the words are mixing by themselves in my head.

In this regard, I especially remember the Russian Championship in December 2020, skating with untreated covid pneumonia and high fever after a short program, when Anna did not refuse to enter the mixed zone and spoke to journalists. She seemed to be having trouble standing on her feet, but she still tried to choose the right expressions, even without holding her breath. After the conversation was over, I shouted something encouraging to Anna, who was a few meters away, and she didn’t immediately recognize where the sound was coming from, exhausted. That’s how difficult it was. However, there was not a single clue about this in the interview.

Actually, talking about the beauty of Shcherbakova’s speech is a bit of an exaggeration. Even among skaters there are people with greater freedom of imagination and expression, and not all of them are older than Anna. In his case, I prefer to talk about a different quality that manifests itself in both rental and communication.

Anna has an extremely sharp mind. It quickly adapts to changing conditions, does not get lost in complex issues. Listen to how fast and fluent he speaks, even when many of us are starting to pick out words frantically. That’s why we still have people who speak better than him in our figure skating. But those who are more understanding and quick-witted…

For a reporter, these qualities are perhaps more valuable than filigree speech, because the latter can be developed, but you still have to be born with the former. I believe that Averbukh took this into account – and in “Ice Age” Anna chose the right role. Judging by the stories of the eyewitnesses, at the first shot he was noticeably worried and a little shy, but nevertheless remarkably coped with the work of the flash interviewer after the rentals.

For someone who has no previous journalism experience, this in itself is extremely valuable. Despite the seeming simplicity of working in the mixed region, there is at least one challenge – the need to work at the moment, assessing what is happening in real time. Of course, you can prepare questions in advance, but in the end, everything can turn upside down and you need to be prepared for this.

I see no reason to organize wars over Moscow and non-Moscow diction between Anna and her Glacier colleague Alina Zagitova. Their functions are somewhat similar, but, in my opinion, the roles in the project are completely different. If Shcherbakova entered the show first as a quick-witted girl with a sharp mind, and only then as a star, Zagitova is the opposite. Therefore, the utterance of the latter has absolutely no importance, whereas the former prevails over the others. And while fans will almost certainly compare them at first, the price of these discussions is actually zero, because both girls are in their place on the project. Another great work by the Averbukh team, what more can I say.

The only thing that’s a little frustrating is that our skaters don’t seem to have any other way. More precisely, there are, but only two of them – at the coaching / ice shows or at the Glacier. Now Shcherbakova is following in the footsteps of Zagitova – first Olympic gold, then rest, then a movie set. Alina never recovered from this. And he didn’t seem to want to go out.

Anna seemed to have slightly different priorities. At the very least, she believed that even a knee injury wouldn’t stop her from doing her favorite figure skating, which burned her so badly. But it all boils down to the fact that this season will miss at least the first half for various reasons and return to the second, where there will be only the Channel One Cup and several newly created tournaments – why? Of course you can, but it seems like a pointless and unnecessary thing here and now.

And then – the fog where usually no one comes out of competitive ice. At least Anna’s colleague in “Glacial” could not.

The author’s view may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Ria

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