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Post: He criticized the NHL after the match with the Russians in the Czech Republic


NHL and hockey legend Hasek said that after the match played with the participation of the Russians, the Czech Republic was not satisfied with the league.

MOSCOW, October 11 – RIA Novosti. Two-time Stanley Cup winner, Olympic champion Dominik Hasek, said on Twitter that the Czech Republic would not be happy with the National Hockey League until the NHL leadership resigned, and the new one did not apologize for the Russians’ participation in the regular season. matches.

The NHL season will be held at the Global Series in Prague on October 7 and 8, with San Jose vs. It started with Nashville. Earlier, Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolek said that the ministry had warned the NHL about a possible ban on Russian citizens from entering the country. Later, the country’s foreign minister, Jan Lipavsky, said that the Czech Republic would accept previously issued Schengen visas to Russian players.

“Two NHL games took place in Prague over the weekend. The league leadership disrespected our State Department’s position on Russian players who should not be playing. Until the current NHL leadership resigns and the new leadership does not apologize to our country, the NHL is no longer welcome in the Czech Republic,” wrote Hasek .

Russian forward Evgeny Svechnikov from San Jose and Yakov Trenin from Nashville attended the matches.

Source: Ria

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