Post: Four Chinese Team Players Infected With COVID-19 During TI11

Four Chinese team players infected with coronavirus during TI11

MOSCOW, October 17 – RIA Novosti. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) team members Daniel Chan Kok Hong (Ghost), Yang Shenyi (Goblet) and Hu Liangzhi (poop) contracted the coronavirus after teammate Lu Yang (Somnus丶M) during the Dota 2 World Championship. – According to The International, China organization’s Weibo website.

On Monday, the team reported an infection with Somnus丶M. He fell ill and was hospitalized during the second map of the group stage match against the Citizens from PSG.LGD, but was later able to continue playing for the team in the remaining two matches of the match day.

It was noted that the coach and team manager were also detected to have coronavirus. Players will continue to play in isolated rooms. RNG is third in the Group A table, with the team securing a place in the playoffs.

A day ago, PSG.LGD manager Wang Changqi was diagnosed with coronavirus. The team reported the infection late to the organizers and was fined.

The tournament will end on October 30.

Source: Ria

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