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Post: Plushenko admires Muravyova’s skating, who suffered from injury all season


Olympic champion Plushenko believes that Muravyova showed a great result in Moscow

MOSCOW, November 14 – RIA Novosti, Oleg Bogatov. The coach of the athlete, two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko, told RIA Novosti that Sofia Muravyova showed an excellent performance in the fourth stage of the Russian Grand Prix in Moscow, the figure skater has a great future.

Muravyova came in second with a total of 230.56 points in the two programs (82.24 in the short program + 148.32 in the free program). The winner of the Grand Prix stage was Elizaveta Tuktamysheva – 234.63 points (84.05 + 150.58).

“Sofia Muravieva is very valuable to herself and she performed very well in the tournament in Moscow. That’s because we treated her for four months and battled her injury. But she showed a great result,” Plushenko said. and great skate Yes, there was a bug in the free program but it’s associated with an injury that hasn’t been completely eliminated yet. But Sonya showed character. She has excellent skating and a great future. Light, young, airy, feminine, beautiful skate. Now we continue to pack up and prepare for the next tournament in Perm”.

Muravyova missed the third stage of the Russian Grand Prix held in Kazan on 5-6 November due to injury.

“We have a very busy schedule,” the coach added. “There are doctors who guide us and monitor Sonya’s health. But sport is sport, skaters are not robots. Due to our health, we are currently unable to quad jump. But Sonya jumped. the most difficult element in the short program – Axel in three and a half rounds, and in the free program, he did an Axel and a triple sheepskin (stepped) in three and a half rounds. We rely on the advice of the doctors in everything. “

Source: Ria

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