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Post: Wolfsburg’s catch-up race is not enough for the final


VfL Wolfsburg players missed the Champions League miracle against FC Barcelona. The victory in the second leg of the semi-finals was not enough to qualify for the final.

Strong Bundesliga leaders stopped the top favorite’s incredible 45-game winning streak by beating Spain’s reigning champions 2-0 (0-0) in the second leg of the semi-finals. However, the Wolves were unable to make up for the 1:5 pass of the first leg at Camp Nou.

Tabea Wassmuth (47th) and Jill Roord (59th) scored in front of 22,057 fans at VW Arena, breaking the home record for VfL women. The eight-year record (12,464) was crushed into dust.

Wolfsburg in the league and cup championship race

The Catalans will compete against Paris St. in the final to be held in Turin on 21 May. Germain or Olympique Lyon. Two-time champions Wolfsburg are now turning their attention to the unlikely duo. In the league’s final, VfL is currently leading in a duel with Bayern Munich, the long-term winning favorite against Turbine Potsdam in the DFB Cup final on 28 May.

Compared to the first leg, Wolfsburg manager Tommy Stroot was counting on the additional offensive and pressing power of the fast Ewa Pajor. Jonatan Giraldez, on the other hand, was counting on his successful starting 11 last week. And with the usual ball possession, they felt much more resistance than with the first leg. The stewardesses were more compact and showed their quality in the passing game as well.

On the other hand, goalkeeper Almuth Schult proved once again that he is a strong support against Alexia Putellas in the worldwide feared offense in front of national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg’s eyes. In the first leg, Schult saved his team from an even worse defeat with 16 saves.

Wolfsburg is exciting

Then the second half started almost perfectly for VfL: Just 112 seconds later, Wassmuth took a long-range shot from the free-kick situation. It was the tenth goal in his tenth Champions League match for the national striker. After the win, the home fans applauded their wolves even louder, as the otherwise cool Barca community was really impressed and conceded the second goal: Roord was also encouraged from afar and caught keeper Panos on the wrong foot.

In the final stage, an intense exchange of impulses developed. Wolfsburg felt his chance, but Barcelona again invested more and made dangerous deals.

Source: ZDF

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