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Post: Haas turns his back on Schumacher’s son


Auto Bild: Haas tells Schumacher won’t renew contract at Brazilian Grand Prix

MOSCOW, November 15 – RIA Novosti. Formula 1 team Haas has told Mick Schumacher, son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher at the Brazilian Grand Prix, that he will not renew his contract with the German driver. informs Automatic Notify.

According to the broadcast, he will be replaced next season by compatriot Nico Hulkenberg, who is currently Aston Martin’s reserve driver. He took the 17th and 12th places, respectively, in the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia stages this season, replacing the German Sebastian Vettel, who left due to the coronavirus. In total, there are 181 races in Formula 1.

The team was reportedly dissatisfied with Schumacher’s results and numerous marriages. In 2023, he may continue his Formula 1 career as a test driver for Mercedes or Alpin. The 23-year-old, who has been the main driver of “Haas” for the last two years, has 12 points this season.

Source: Ria

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