SportsThe "Command Group" Academy "Ju-Jitsu in Abu Dhabi" acquires...

The “Command Group” Academy “Ju-Jitsu in Abu Dhabi” acquires the title of master.


Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

Last night, at the fourteenth edition of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championships, which takes place under the sponsorship of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the black and brown belt “Masters” competitions came to an end. , the President of the State, God forbid, at the Zayed Sports “Ju-Jitsu Arena” in which 5,000 male and female players from 100 countries participate.
As after the start of the tournament, the enthusiasm in the stands to cheer for the champions continued throughout the day, mainly due to the intensification of competitions in the Masters category, whose players stand out for their strength, skill and experience, especially the dark-haired and black belts .
In the UAE, Commando Group Academy won the Master category competition title, while AFNT Academy took second place and Kazakhstan National Academy took third place.
The competitions were attended by the President of the Federations of the United Arab Emirates and Asia, Abdul Monei Al Hashim, the First Vice-President of the International Ju-Jitsu Federation, the Vice-President of the Federation, Mohammed Salem Al Daher, and the Director General, Rashid Lahey Al Mansur. Abu Dhabi Customs Authority, Said Al Fazari, Executive Director, Support Services Sector, Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi and Matar Said. Al Nuaim, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, Fahad Ali Al Shamsi, Secretary General of the Ju-Jitsu Federation and various leaders and representatives of participating clubs and academies, supporting agencies and partners.

impossible situation
Fahd Ali Al Shams, Secretary General of the Federation, states: “Abu Dhabi, the World Capital of Jiu-Jitsu, once again demonstrates its ability to attract legends and giants of the sport to the mats of the most important World Championships to present their retake. 🇧🇷 His experience in a scenario that is not repeated except in the United Arab Emirates, which does not know the impossible, and six days after its launch. The tournament successfully won international recognition for representatives of participating clubs and academies and for athletes who will become ambassadors. The United Arab Emirates when they return to their country, when they convey a clear image of an exceptional organization, according to the highest international standards, and all these accolades are a medal on the chest and a great responsibility for us to continue to be brilliant and spectacular. 🇧🇷 the future”.
Al Shamsi praised the strong presence of supporters in the tournament’s stands, saying that they are an important factor for its success and excellence, and is confident that their numbers will increase in the remaining days of the tournament in professional competitions. Especially considering the presence and participation of a large number of weight and belt world champions.

A platform of tolerance and love.
Rashed Lahei Al Mansoor, General Manager of Abu Dhabi General Administration of Customs, expressed his satisfaction with the strong competitive environment he saw in the Abu Dhabi Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, noting that the championship reflects the interests of wise leadership. in the state’s youth and developing their talent and potential for the better.
He added that “all those responsible for organizing this excellent tournament are to be congratulated for the participation of 5,000 players. Not an easy task. Personally, I am happy to attend and participate in the coronation of champions funeral.”
Al-Mansouri continued, “The championship is a great opportunity for people to come together, meet each other and exchange cultures, and it has become a platform for tolerance and love between peoples.”

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yam is golden
Saudi Arabian jiu-jitsu player Mohammed Al-Yami (36) insisted he did not miss the opportunity to compete at the Abu Dhabi World Championships and overcame the difficult circumstances he faced to accompany his son to the United States for treatment. I’m in a hurry to attend the 62 kg master class.
A large number of relatives and friends from Dammam, Saudi Arabia and other emirates came to cheer and support Muhammad Al-Yam. Surprisingly, he won the gold medal.
Ali Al-Yami, brother of the champion, Mohammed Al-Yami, said: “My brother overcame the difficulties associated with treating his son in the United States and refused to pass up the opportunity to participate in the Abu Dhabi Championship. We are happy that we came after him and that he didn’t lose us, but won the gold medal.”
Al-Yami explained that they are happy to be in Abu Dhabi, where they feel like they are in their own country, and that the wonderful organization is nothing new for the Ju-Jitsu Federation: it combines creativity, excellence and achievement.

A land of opportunities
Valmir Neto, English footballer, black belt at Shamati Academy, expressed his joy for winning the gold medal in the under-62 kg category at Masters 2, saying: “My joy with this victory is indescribable. Especially since I achieved this professional achievement in Abu Dhabi Jitsu at the Air Championship, it is unrivaled by any other achievement.
He added: “The UAE is a land of real opportunities, you just need to prepare yourself, be brave and proactive and you will get the desired results. The tournament is wonderful in every detail and I will be back here next year”.

a historic moment
Ariadne de Oliveira, from Palms Sports Academy, Brazil, who won gold in the Masters under 55kg category, says she will never forget the historic moment when she was crowned gold and celebrated her gold at the Worlds in Abu Dhabi. The Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship demands that the world’s elite players stand out.
The Brazilian De Oliveira dedicated this achievement to his family and to all those who contributed to his arrival, including coaches and managers, and highlighted the Ju-Jitsu Federation, which he considers an important factor for the development of the game. The level of sports and practitioners in the UAE and around the world.

Source: Al Ittihad

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