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Post: Qatar enforces beer ban in stadiums


So is it now: shortly before the opening of the Football World Cup, host country Qatar banned alcoholic beer in all stadiums.

Shortly before the opening of the Football World Cup, Qatar, hosting the World Cup, banned alcoholic beer in all stadiums. Two days before the opening game, the easing of the alcohol ban de facto agreed with the world football federation was again broken, as FIFA announced on Friday. This means that fans will have to readjust about 48 hours before the World Cup opening match between hosts Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday (5pm).

Alcohol now only available at FIFA Fanfest in Doha

According to FIFA, non-alcoholic beer will continue to be sold in stadiums. Fans traveling to Qatar can consume spirits at the official fan festival in the capital, Doha, among other destinations.

After discussions between host country officials and FIFA, it was decided to focus the sale of alcoholic beverages at the FIFA Fan Festival and other fan destinations and licensed venues.

FIFA announcement

There had already been discussions about alcohol presented at the tournament. According to media reports, the sales stands set up around the stadiums were removed at the beginning of the week. At first we were told that these had to be rebuilt elsewhere. Accordingly, the host pushed for the alcohol ban, while FIFA and the beer sponsor opposed it. FIFA initially denied reports of a change to the service concept.

Alcohol is only allowed in bars or restaurants in Qatar

Until now, it was planned that during World Cup matches from 20 November to 18 December, fans would be allowed to purchase alcoholic beer in certain areas inside stadium grounds – but not directly in the arenas, and only before and after the matches. There is no longer any alcoholic beer to buy anywhere in the area around the stadiums.

Alcohol is not completely banned in Qatar, but is served to a very limited extent, for example, in bars or restaurants in certain hotels. Foreigners with a residence permit can also buy in a shop, but for this they must be over 21 years old and have a permit.

Source: ZDF

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