Post: Krylov spoke of his confidence in the head coach of the Avangard Kravets.

Krylov said that the head coach of Avangard Kravets is given full confidence.

MOSCOW, November 18 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Senchenko. Alexander Krylov, chairman of the board of the Omsk hockey club, said that the leadership of Avangard gives full confidence to the head coach of the team, Mikhail Kravets.

Kravets joined Avangard in September and joined the coaching staff of former Omsk head coach Dmitry Ryabykin. Following his resignation in October, Kravets was appointed acting head coach of the club, and on 18 November the Hawks Board approved him for the position.

“Now it’s important to find the hockey player a role to play, to create an atmosphere. The new coach is dealing with it. As with every attempt, it was necessary to give him a trial period. Yes, I had a coach. I have in mind who can manage the Avangard ”, but more into the playoffs. Close. There were doubts, but they were dispelled by Kravets’ work. Our minimum goal for the season is the Conference Cup, the average Gagarin Cup final, the highest Gagarin Cup victory. As part of these goals Kravets has been given full confidence We’ll see at the end of the season,” said Krylov to reporters.

“Unfortunately, the coaching team that worked at the beginning could not create the conditions that would allow the hockey players to fully present themselves. Probably Dmitry (Ryabykin) tried to replicate the Bob Hartley system but I told him that copying is always bad. You have to have it.” That didn’t help the team become one entity,” said Krylov.

According to Krylov, the reason for leaving Ryabykin was his inability to properly set up Avant-garde hockey players and his low level of rhetoric.

“I had a serious talk with him. The main skills of a coach are to be motivating. You need to have strong assistants in certain areas. Give more importance to motivation than tactics. Dmitry is a well-deserved player. Much has been written in Omsk. What he said in the locker room and in the media was reflected in the players. In this He didn’t succeed either. They thought of taking him to the head coach in oratory. There was no air in the team. I felt sorry for him. He moved to Magnitogorsk. Not because he didn’t like Metallurg, but because he left for the post of defensive coach. He won’t improve his speaking skills that way,” added Avangard’s chairman .

Source: Ria

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