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Post: Russian teenager chose the easiest jump in figure skating


Russian figure skater Lazarev described the quadruple lutz as an easy element compared to the others.

SAMARA, November 18 – RIA Novosti, Vlad Zhukov. Figure skater Lev Lazarev, who finished second in the Little Russia Grand Prix stage in Samara, said that the four-turn lutz was easier for him than other jumps.

On Friday, Lazarev made two four-turn Lutzes in the free program, but made mistakes in a few other jumps.

“I trained Lutz a lot. I tried to jump both in series and alone. This jump is easier for me than the others. I wasn’t too upset, but I skated worse than on the stage in Sochi.” Worry about the future program, Lazarev told reporters. “Sometimes everything goes well during the warm-up, but everything goes wrong at the box office,” he said.

“I’m more tired here than in Sochi. But that’s because I’ve been down here three times, I guess. After the loan, the coach (Sergey Davydov) was supportive, don’t worry, because we’ll train them all,” he said. out,” the skater added.

Source: Ria

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