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Post: The figure skater said he would spend 200 thousand rubles to win the Grand Prix


Skater Fedorov announced that after winning the Grand Prix, the prize money was transferred to his father for investment.

SAMARA, November 18 – RIA Novosti, Vlad Zhukov. Figure skater Grigory Fedorov, winner of the Russian Grand Prix among juniors in Samara, said that he will give the first prize to his father for investing in bonds.

On Friday, Fedorov became the winner of the fifth stage of the Junior Grand Prix in Samara. The skater, who won the third stage of the series in Kazan, said that he would then give the money prize to his family. In the first place, the athlete will receive 200 thousand rubles.

“My mom said last time she wouldn’t take anything from that money: ‘We’ll see when you get something more substantial. “And my father said that he invested in bonds,” Fedorov told reporters.

“I’m not happy with Lutz and axel. It was excitement, there was tension. Everything is fine in training, but I wanted to do it in the beginning. For me every tournament is important, there. every tremor is a tremor – said the skater.

Fedorov talked about his future plans. The athlete said, “I am determined to improve my skating and strengthen the content. Complications are planned. I want to compete in the seniors, but I guess not this season.”

Source: Ria

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