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Instead of a patch – a hole. Why is Trusova at war with Channel One?


The fifth stage of the Russian Grand Prix series started on Saturday. However, the first day of the tournament was not only marked by sports elements. The hype was fueled by the relationship between the main broadcaster and one of the coaching groups. RIA Novosti Sport talks about the situation in detail.

The short women’s program in Samara cannot be called meaningful. A truly powerful event happened – the return of Anna Frolova after a break of a year and a half due to injuries. A student of Sergei Davydov restored triple jumps and scored 70.74 with the new setting (second place). For figure skaters without the highest media status, the result is cosmic.

True, then in the mixed zone drowned in the stream of essential words from a good skater’s training manual. As such, a higher middle ground compared to Alexandra Trusova is a “provocative question.” And he added that he was competing with himself. You’ve never heard of such a thing, have you?

Honestly, the stamina of athletes who, at the age of 15-17, managed to overcome many difficulties on the way to their dreams can be envied. Good luck to Anna in the tough fight.

This sport ended in stages. Alexandra Trusova (69.50, third) and Sofia Samodelkina (73.15, first) are still far from their ideal form. Rentals and final results do not yet correspond to the status of the best tournament in the universe.

Trusova made a “butterfly” on a double axis and did not have time for a short tempo. Samodelkina, the second in a row to practice the most difficult technique for women, fell out of Axel and performed a triple finger loop instead of a staggered loop. Of course, even such imperfect skates are at a higher level than almost anything internationally without Russia. However, it is clear that these girls can do more.

Something completely different is striking. When Sasha entered the mixed territory, I took a picture of her for the story. The figure skater was in good spirits, talked to everyone. It was only later that I realized Sasha had a hole in her left hand instead of a Channel One patch.

Later, an aerial recording made during the rental of Samodelkina’s short program was leaked to the network. There is a dialogue between the commentators that ends with the phrase “Trusova is everything … for Channel One”. Presumably this was said when Maxim Trankov, a two-time Olympic champion, slipped into a working microphone.

The story is extremely unpleasant, but there are no surprises. It was previously reported that Alexandra had longstanding conflicts with Channel One. They stretch from the end of the Olympics in Beijing. But on the first stage of the Grand Prix in Moscow, Sasha slipped with a patch on her arm.

There has been an escalation of controversy recently. It is likely that not only Alexandra, but also her coach Svetlana Sokolovskaya was involved in it with the group (or at least the female part). Svetlana Vladimirovna was practically not shown during the performances of Sofa and Sasha, and during the announcement of the ratings she was simply cut off.

And Samodelkina, who won the short program, was not invited to a flash interview for Channel One. For example, he spoke with Elizaveta Khudaiberdiyeva and Yegor Bazin Trankov, winners of rhythm dance even today. Maybe the truth is that Sophia wanted to talk later. Or the reason is completely different.

RIA Novosti sent an official request to the editors of Channel One to clarify the situation.

Source: Ria

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