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Post: Four-time Formula 1 champion announces retirement


Four-time Formula 1 champion Vettel says he doesn’t regret ending his career

MOSCOW, November 20 – RIA Novosti. Four-time world champion, German Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he does not regret ending his career in Formula 1, as there are more important things in life than racing.

On Sunday, Vettel, 35, at Aston Martin, had his last race in Formula 1, finishing tenth at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“I think the last two years may have been disappointing in terms of sport, but it was very rewarding and important in my life. A lot has happened, I have realized a lot. I think it is a great privilege to be in this position.” “We’re here. And with that comes a certain responsibility, so I hope to pass that on to other drivers. It’s great to see that we have the opportunity to inspire you with what we’re doing. I think there are more important things than racing in circles.” – Quoting Vettel Autosport.

He added, “Thank you for your support, messages, letters and all your love. I will miss it, it has been absolute bliss throughout my career.”

During his career, Vettel was a four-time Formula One champion (2010-2013), winning 53 races and taking the podium 122 times. In terms of wins, he is second only to Britain’s Lewis Hamilton (103) and Germany’s Michael Schumacher (91).

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