SportsParty paid for, why are we sad? Qatar...

Party paid for, why are we sad? Qatar is struggling but there is no holiday yet


The most unusual World Cup kicked off in Qatar. All its originality was supposed to add some shine, glamor and anticipation to the biggest football event. However, we need to state that it is not yet possible to feel the holiday. And really, does it exist? And for whom?

No, don’t think, everything is fine with hospitality in Qatar. There will be no dissatisfied exclamation about the uselessness of the tournament and “to come in large numbers”. Instead, you will be offered a good level of service. After all, initially the host country was chosen with the expectation that it would make good money and expand FIFA’s sphere of influence.

It was difficult to find a better place. Qatar knows a lot about smart investments and big sales. Also, the country is interested in giving impetus to the development of football as a cultural phenomenon as a whole.

All this is manifested in the enormous, even extreme diligence of the organizers. It gives the process a kind of artificiality, falsity, which has been the main problem so far. There is a beautiful picture, there is also a sense of celebration, but not the holiday itself. No wonder they say football is for the fans, but the World Cup is for FIFA and local authorities.

For example, we can mention the most famous case – the ban on the sale of beer in stadiums. It is safe to say that FIFA, knowing everything in advance, has long removed its share of “beer” from profits. A kind of agreement with the host country, whose traditions do not accept the use of alcohol.

Of course, this place is sacred, but a suitable alternative can be offered. And to inform fans in advance. Football officials didn’t have enough time and desire for this kind of thing. As FIFA President Gianni Infantino said, you can live three hours without beer. Thanks for taking care of the fans, sir! By the way, the first “hello” to him has already come from fans of the Ecuadorian national team. Celebrating the victory over the Qatar team with cheers “We want beer!”.

There is no festive “movement” on the streets of Doha either. Of course, the whole city and the whole country shouldn’t go crazy waiting for Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi to show up. While the capital continues to live in its rhythm, thinking about completely different problems. It is worth noting that the vast majority of the local population is immigrants, nothing has changed for them since the start of the World Cup, because the constant construction does not stop for a second. The picture has already become familiar as small groups of fans search in vain for an opportunity to cross a busy highway. The road is surrounded on all sides by metal fences, symbols of the tournament, behind which an excavator is diligently working.

Yes, there is Souq Waqif, the old market where modern Doha was born. Foreign people are walking here but there are still very few and they act very calmly. Usually these are people of mature age who are calmly waiting for an order in a local cafe. Next to them, small groups of fans from Morocco, Algeria and Argentina light up the square in the evening. However, these local gatherings do not turn into festivities, but simply become the subject of the idle attention of the locals. Meanwhile, she hasn’t seen much in her wealthy years. Think World Cup!

He probably had to plunge into melancholy and the opening match. And for the Ecuadorians, who practically do not notice the resistance of their hosts, it is hardly an easy victory, but the environment itself. A minor transportation glitch, problems with food, negligent behavior by many volunteers and security forces, local fans leaving the stands long before the final whistle. All this should take place in a match of some lower league, but not in a World Cup level game. Yes, the first pancake may be lumpy, but if the serves worked like this in the most important game for Qatar, what will happen next?

Finally, I want to disprove the main myth: the legendary Qatari heat is not felt here at all. Thanks to the organizers, the air conditioning system works powerfully. So much so that you always want to go out and sunbathe. For this reason, the first news about the players with the cold appeared. It is hoped that in the future football will distract the media and fans from all organizational shortcomings. Big tournaments always create big problems. However, such large-scale events are often driven by sports and competitive components.

Source: Ria

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