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Post: The fan spoke about the attitude to the display of the Russian flag at the World Cup in Qatar.


The Russian fan said that the Russian flag on his shoulders did not cause any problems at the World Cup in Qatar.

DOHA, November 22 – RIA Novosti, Sergey Fuks. A Russian fan named Yuri said that the Russian flag on his shoulders during the World Cup did not cause any problems in Qatar.

Previously, the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Association of European Football Associations (UEFA) indefinitely suspended the participation of Russian teams and clubs in international competitions, and therefore the Russian team could not participate in the play-offs. Qualification to participate in the World Cup in Qatar.

“We came from Goryachiy Klyuch (Krasnodar Territory) for ten matches. I paid for the trip myself. It turned out to be expensive because the flight is expensive and accommodation is expensive. In the official fan, only housing is 200 dollars a day. I met with my village brother I would like to be sick for russia but argentina Unfortunately we don’t have a team so we would cheer with our fans, but we don’t see much of the russians. Fans are here. Russian flag on the shoulders? It doesn’t cause any problems. Only positive emotions. Greetings, take a photo,” Yuri told RIA Novosti reporter.

World Cup matches are played in eight stadiums. Qatar became the first Arab country to host a world football championship.

Source: Ria

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