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Post: Argentines across the country are cheering for the national team


Argentines across the country support their national team, which holds the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar.

BUENOS AIRES, November 22 – RIA Novosti. Neither the sun nor the dawn rose on Tuesday, and some did not go to bed at all – after all, at 7 am local time, the first match of the national team at the World Cup began.

In Argentina, the working day in most companies starts at 8-9 am, so many prefer to come to work early to cheer up Lionel Messi and his team with their colleagues.

Taxi driver Oscar from Buenos Aires said, “I agreed with the customer and took him to work at 6.30. They will be cheering for the national team at work, but I had to go to the gas station, there is a broadcast.” Aires told RIA Novosti.

Football is watched all over the country, not just in the capital, where giant screens are set up for the fans.

FIFA World Cup 2022
22 November 2022 • Starts at 13:00
2nd half

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Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia

In the provincial capital of Jujuy, where the world-famous salt marshes are located, and in the small town of Puerto Piramides, where thousands of tourists from all over the world go to whale watching every year, some bars, hotels and fuel stations have opened their doors to locals and foreigners to share their passion for football.

“Today at breakfast, the whole hotel supports Argentina,” Mauricio, a tourist arriving in San Salvador de Jujuy, told RIA Novosti.

Yekaterina, a tourist from Russia, said: “And we went to a local restaurant where the workers gathered to watch the match. We were greeted very warmly. The Argentines support their national team with incredible emotion.”

In Argentina, people are really “tired” of this game.

Even during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, many stories were told about how people got loans, sold cars and even houses to go to the World Cup (called the World Cup in Argentina). The same is true for Qatar. Many Argentines do a lot to see firsthand their national team, which according to polls is predicted to be successful this year.

In the middle of the second half of the match, the Argentine footballers did not please their fans at all: the team was behind with a score of 1:2 against the much less titled Saudi Arabian team. At the same time, the South American team did not count the three goals scored during the match due to the offside position.

Source: Ria

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