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“We lost to a country hiding from bombs.” World shocked by Argentina’s failure


The Argentina national team lost to Saudi Arabia in a sensational way at the start of the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar.

Saudi Arabia made football talk to the whole world by defeating Argentina in a sensational way in the World Cup match in Qatar. Many fans no longer doubt who is the best football player on the planet.

“One of the biggest disappointments in history”

Argentina arrived in Qatar with the status of one of the main favorites of the tournament. Paris Saint-Germain striker Lionel Messi was in great form and has his sights set on winning the world title, which was so missing from the legend’s trophy list. At first everything went in Leo’s favor, who took the penalty at the start of the match but then Saudi Arabia stepped in, giving the favorites a sensational defeat.

Former England player and now popular TV presenter Gary Lineker wrote on social networks, “This is one of the biggest disappointments in World Cup history. The Saudi Arabian national team’s amazing performance.”

“What a strong result and what a great game from Saudi Arabia,” said former Newcastle and England star Alan Shearer.

Ronaldo would never lose to Saudi Arabia.

However, it is clear that the fans of the Argentina national team, like the whole world, were shocked by the failure of the Scaloni team. The Brazilians, who began to brag after the defeat of their main rival in South America, also faced comments.

“This result is celebrated by the whole world because of the arrogant Argentines who think they will become world champions by beating Venezuela and Bolivia. Where was Messi? Where was Dybala?”

“The dispute about the best player in the world must be closed. Ronaldo would never lose to Saudi Arabia,” said Luuk.

But the Argentines were no less angry. One of the fans spoke quite harshly towards the opponent.

“I can’t believe we were defeated by a country whose life it hid from bombs,” wrote the Soviet user.

Another fan replied, “Remember the 2010 World Champion? Then Spain also lost the first game, but everybody knows who is the champion. Go to Argentina.”

“This result will be remembered for decades”

The foreign press watched with pleasure Argentina’s defeat. They rejoiced to Britain, believing that the collapse of the Argentines would ease England’s path to the championship. Here is what journalist Dominic King wrote for the Daily Mail.

“The little guy that the whole stadium came to watch gave people emotions in the 10th minute of the game. Everyone thought it would be the beginning of a Christmas fairy tale. But that’s the point of fairy tales, it’s told often.” very far from reality. Two hours after Leo Messi stood in the center circle and didn’t seem to understand what had just happened. This result will be remembered for decades. 11 guys from Saudi Arabia defeated the team that everyone predicted their participation. The finale on December 18,” said King.

Guardian reporter Andy Hunter, who was very pleased with Saudi Arabia’s return to the game after Messi’s missed goal, continued his “sensational” line in the news.

“This World Cup has already brought with it a lot of shocking stories. In the end, today was about football, not about anything else. It all started with Messi’s goal and ended with a fantastic win by the opponent who interrupted the 36-. Lionel Scaloni’s undefeated streak After the final whistle, the Saudi Arabian players poured onto the field with all the joy they definitely deserved,” Hunter wrote.

The biggest American broadcast, ESPN, reminded that in 1990 Argentina also started the World Cup with a loss. Then the Latin Americans lost Cameroon to Valery Nepomniachtchi. But both then and now they can only blame themselves, according to the publication’s author, Rob Dawson.

“Saudi Arabia ranks 51st in the FIFA rankings and is between Qatar and Greece. That didn’t stop them from shocking the favourite. The Argentines repeated the 1990 World Cup history when they lost to Cameroon in the first match. Saudi Arabia completely disappeared into the game in the first 45 minutes, but then had a great one. The only fault of Scaloni’s wards is themselves, because at the end of the first half they can take the lead with a score of 5: 0. Chances of making it to the playoffs, but this is clearly not the start they counted,” Hunter concluded.

Source: Ria

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