Post: Sharjah leads the ‘strong hand’

Reda Salim (Dubai)

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Sharjah Handball League defeated Al Jazeera 31-25 in first round “postponed” match after second round of Sharjah Handball League due to participation of two teams in “Abu Dhabi Pride”. In the Emirates Cup Final, which crowned Sharjah with the title for the fifth time in history.
The win gives Sharjah their sixth point in two games and a “full mark” after beating Maliha in their league opener to take them top of the table on goal difference over visiting Al-Wasl Sharjah. Al Ain next Saturday in the third round.
According to the leaderboard, Shabab Al-Ahli is third with 5 points, Al-Ain and Diba Al-Hisni with 4 points, Al-Jazeera with 3 points, Al-Nasri and Maliha with 2 points. Two defeats.
“The King” comes to the fore to start the title defense campaign, not least because he holds the record for winning the Men’s League Shield with 16 titles and Sharia dominated the championship in the last 6 seasons.
For its part, the handball federation invited the clubs’ game supervisors to hold a workshop next Saturday at the federation’s headquarters, to carry out extensive research on the form and system of competitions for the next sporting season 2023-2024 and see. The vision of the clubs through those responsible for the competition system and how it should be developed, which is a significant step towards improving competitions, whether at the youth level or the men’s teams.

Source: Al Ittihad

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