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Post: “Russia is my home”. Our football player is still playing in the 2022 World Cup.


Cameroonian Ondua said the organizers of the World Cup did not pay attention to the Russian flag on the boots.

A student of Lokomotiv and CSKA, Gael Ondua fulfilled his dream and made his first world championship in Qatar in the match against Switzerland. But not for the Russian national team, for which he did not expect an invitation, but for Cameroon. At the same time, the Hannover actress did not forget about her Russian roots and showed off the tricolor on her boots.

Started with Miranchuk at Loko

Ondua was born in Cameroon but moved to Russia at a young age because her father worked at the embassy in Moscow. Soon the whole family joined them.

Gael really wanted to be a football player and begged his father to send him to the football department. Also, growing conditions in Russia are much better than in Cameroon. The family chose Lokomotiv as the launching pad to start their careers. In parallel, Ondua processed documents to obtain Russian citizenship, which greatly simplifies life. After a while, all the formalities were fulfilled and the Cameroonian man officially became a Russian.

Curiously, Ondua actually grew up at Lokomotiv alongside future veteran constellations Dmitry Barinov and the Miranchuk brothers. They became friends and worked their way into professional football together. Still, if Barinov and Miranchuk achieved much, Gael was somewhat slow in development. And I decided to try my luck in CSKA. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful there either.

Denmark, Anji, Germany

The current situation forced me to go to Europe. He played for the Danish club “Vajle”, and then, passing through Lugansk “Dawn”, again found himself in Russia. This time “Anji” in troubled Makhachkala. It was far from the same “Anji” rustling in European competition. However, Ondua spent 25 games here and got a long-awaited game practice. Russia became for him a springboard first to the Swiss championship and then to Germany, where he still plays for Hanover.

When the Russian team was excluded from all international tournaments after the February events, Gael still hoped to be called up by Valery Karpin. It didn’t matter to him which matches he would play against which opponents. He just wanted to play and represent the country that gave him football training. However, Karpin did not invite him to the training camp and then the Cameroon national team offered the 27-year-old football player to play in the World Cup to be held in Qatar. Of course he couldn’t refuse it.

Immeasurable love for Russia

It’s good that in Qatar Ondua isn’t afraid to show off her Russian roots, and she’s out on the field in boots with our flag. After the match, I spoke with Russian journalists with great pleasure.

“I am very happy to play my first match at the World Cup. My dream has come true. As for the Russian tricolor boots, I can say that Russia is my home. That’s why I represent both the Cameroon national team and the Russian national team. The team is here and it will always be like this. For now.” I play football for the rest of my life. I was very well received in the team, the guys are young, we communicate a lot. everything is fine, they ask about russia. They want to know how everything really is and they do not write on the Internet, they are always surprised when I tell you, they think everything is wrong, Russia In , they think bears walk the streets and it’s always cold. … They forget that there are seasons,” Ondua said.

Who knows, maybe after a while Gael will again be in one of the RPL clubs in Russia. At least, after such a move in the World Cup, there will definitely be more fans in our country.

Source: Ria

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