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Post: “I received death threats”


Gay hangover Nas Mohamed says he has received death threats. He expects the pressure to increase after the end of the World Cup.

After publicly revealing that Qatari Nas Mohamed is gay, he severed ties with his homeland and applied for asylum in the United States. According to his own statement, he has been receiving death threats since the World Cup started. In an interview with RTL/ntv he said:

After the World Cup, when the whole thing comes to the fore for the last time, I worry that I may be at greater risk.

Nas Mohammed

The doctor, now living in San Francisco, stressed that there should be fear of the general increase in repression as interest wanes after the World Cup: “The homophobic authoritarian dictatorship in Qatar does not consider our LGBT rights as human rights. They can be provoked and wait for the World Cup to end and attack us.” “

Mohamed: ‘World Cup boycott makes no sense’

In an interview with ZDF, Mohamed said there was no point in boycotting the desert World Cup. He does not believe that the Qatari government will bring about positive changes in the way it deals with human rights: “I want to get to know people around the world who are coming together and fighting against atrocities. It is the people who are fighting, not the government. or the organizers.”

I see the World Cup more as a starting signal to reclaim our human rights.

Nas Mohammed

Qatar criticized for addressing human rights

The World Cup host has been heavily criticized for mass human rights abuses and dealings with the LGBTQ community. Homosexuality is punished there. FIFA also came under harsh criticism for banning the wearing of the rainbow “One Love” armband and threatening sanctions on players. That’s why seven European football associations, including the DFB, have decided not to wear the armband, which stands for diversity and tolerance.

Source: ZDF

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