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Missing chickens. What to expect from skaters in Perm?


The final stage of the Russian Grand Prix in Perm promised to be the same autumn, which is suitable for counting lost chickens. Anyone we overlooked for various reasons can speak up here. Diane Davis and Gleb Smolkin allegedly had a chance to get here, as the federation said, but air still doesn’t fly from the USA to Russia. Specifically, apparently, for those applying for US citizenship.

Daria Usacheva, who was able to tackle even quads last season due to stability, is still recovering from last year’s hip injury. Maya Khromykh did not have time to prepare for the final stage due to a tendon cut. Alena Kostornaya, after surgery on her leg in August, performs only in the show so far, although she can become the adornment of any tournament of the season.

Finally, Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin. Since they took part from the first stage announced after the skating test, they could not get a single start. Against the background of rumors circulating in the summer that the couple may cease to exist, the outcome of the fall is not very optimistic.

Let’s not say soda champagne. If you know what the original Grand Prix series was like, then remember: the final stage is often the fiercest in terms of competition. The intrigue about it is kept on top note throughout the entire first half of the season. It is not only about the content and ranking in the ranking of the stage, but also the final list of participants in the final of the series. It’s an unpredictable and tough challenge with various participating countries, as there are twelve athletes in each event at each stage and only the top six make it to the finals.

In the Russian analogue of the Grand Prix (it was invented by the federation, together with Channel One, against the background of Russia’s exclusion from the ISU competitions), twelve figure skaters will simultaneously go to the final. On the one hand, this provides additional opportunities for those who are not in the top 3 in their form. On the other hand, it makes a dish that is intended to be spicy and spicy rather bland. Skaters no longer necessarily have to be in the top three or even the top two – in certain scenarios, the sixth and eighth places will suffice for them for the final.

At the Grand Prix in Perm, only 11 single skaters participated, with all the expected wealth of selection. The dismissal of Adelia Petrosyan due to injury was published a few days before the start, so they could not announce anyone to replace her. Don’t be surprised if Elizaveta Tuktamysheva gets a little upset again because she’s at the Samara Grand Prix. It is clear that at least performing somewhere is better than nowhere. But to claim that nothing has changed is destructive to the soul. Lizin’s experience advises her to avoid any self-destruction.

Of course, we will still have something to look at – the battle of the triple axes of experienced Tuktamysheva and young Muravyova, sophisticated Ksenia Sinitsyna and Anna Frolova. Girls from regional figure skating schools will be able to show themselves. But if nothing extraordinary happens, everything about the top three winners and even the name of the winner – Tuktamyshev, Muravyov and Sinitsyn – is approximately clear. Meanwhile.

Traditionally, the singles tournament will be the most interesting in terms of intrigue. Evgeny Semenenko’s stability and rapidly growing second guess multiplied by instability, and the quadruple cycle divided by Ilya Yablokov, rising from the ashes of Makar Ignatov, yields an equation with many unknowns. And we have not yet remembered Alexei Erokhov, Artem Kovalev and Matvey Vetlugin, who can also surprise.

Pair skating is experiencing a renaissance everywhere, not just in the face of leading pairs and traditionally strong schools. It would be nice to unravel the secret of the success of hotbeds and expand it to the dance serpentarium… Artur Minchuk, the coach of Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov, accidentally met in the arena, cheerfully talked about good form and high motivation. in the group. “Pah-pah, everyone is healthy,” he added as he ran for accreditation.

If everything is really like this, we look forward to the next incomplete encounter between Mishina/Gallyamov and Boikova/Kozlovsky. Sasha and Dima triumphantly won the final stage in Samara – now it’s Nastya and Sasha’s turn to admire their technical characteristics and beauty.

The short program at all events will take place on Saturday, November 26. The free program summarizing the results of the stage in Perm and the entire Grand Prix series will be held on Sunday.

Source: Ria

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