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Post: Being nervous is bad, getting high is even worse. Why did Mishin lose to Plushenko?


The short program in the singles competition in Perm has come to an end. Somewhat unexpectedly, though not completely unpredictable, Sofia Muravyova won. Moreover, even with equal content, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva was still considered a favorite. Plushenko versus a rolling Axel versus a stable Axel, youth versus experience, and more interestingly, coach Mishin. In all respects, the advantage was in Lisa.

The figure skaters stepped onto the ice in a fundamentally different manner, which they took turns confessing to reporters after the performance. Sophia was very nervous for no particular reason, apart from her unsuccessful attempts to perform Axel at morning practice. A person does not like morning exercises – it happens. Many “owls” can understand this. Elizaveta arrived in Perm working and went out today to “get high” – so she was very relieved. By the way, his program in the second evaluation only took advantage of this, and this cannot be said about the technique.

The most difficult element – the triple axis – each turned out to be an accurate reflection of the emotional state of the moment. Lisa slipped in and out easily, as if she had been given a pair of wings before the performance. Sonya was slightly squeezed in the parting and jamming, and the exit was saved by the incorrect position of her free leg. In protocols, Lisa’s trixel is 1.3 points more expensive than Sony’s.

But the outcome of the short program was predetermined by everything but the triple axis. Due to the overexcitement, Muravyova concentrated a lot on the elements and therefore did not give her opponent anything extra. All spins except one are level four, and there is also a cascade with bonuses in the bonus zone. Liza did not spin her toe in the cascade, and also lost the level on the turn – minus four points. But the most offensive loss for Sonya was on the cascading road. It’s only the second level with stumbling and sudden error and modest pluses from the judges. So almost a point and a half that Lisa won on a clean axel is lost on the track by three points.

If it weren’t for the two-point advantage in the evaluation for the components, Lisa’s technique would have lost five to Sonya at once. It sounds much more deadly than the three points played by the same components in the free program. In general, this is a historical event – Elizaveta Tuktamysheva once again has an advantage over a young competitor in the second assessment.

So excitement and youth gained confidence and experience today. It would be interesting to know what Evgeni Plushenko told Muravyova before and after the hire, but Sonya considered this confidential information and did not share it with journalists. Well, if this company secret helps clean up your skate even when you’re shaking with anger, let it be a secret.

Lisa was also not particularly inclined to communicate, but stressed that she had no reason to be in a bad mood. His trainer Alexei Mishin is also not worried about the results. True, in life in general she never loses heart – an excellent role model.

Interestingly, the confidence and desire to get high at the box office failed another figure skater today. Anna Frolova went berserk at the entrance to the triple loop, the final jumping item in her cleanest short program ever. The rules in this matter are very strict: you cannot repeat an item that has already been entered – even if it is a clean application, it will be reset to zero. Frolova was without points, scoring only 58.86 and is currently in eighth place. Although there was such an opportunity in the beginning, now it will be difficult for her to fight with Ksenia Sinitsyna for the bronze stage.

“If you have already decided to fly, do it to the end,” Anna Frolova probably thought. And I did. She jumped right over her box office failing rittberger, even if it didn’t get her one-tenth. She left the ice smiling, joking with the coach about “plus five rittberger”. Then she smiled at the kiss and kray, laughed in the mixed area, and she herself called her mistake ridiculous.

It turned out to be embarrassing, of course, but it also happens – not a single cow disappeared, which means that it is not worth killing yourself. But tomorrow the skaters will obviously come out more tidy – the error limit has been exhausted in the short program.

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