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Post: Frolova shared her impressions of her performance at the Grand Prix stage in Perm


Figure skater Frolova said she was less nervous at the Grand Prix in Perm than at Samara.

PERM, November 27 – RIA Novosti, Anastasia Panina. Figure skater Anna Frolova said she was less nervous during the sixth stage of the Russian Grand Prix in Perm than in the previous start in Samara, and she was satisfied with it.

Frolova performed a free program at the Russian Grand Prix in Perm on Sunday, scoring 124.74 points for it. In the previous stage in Samara, Frolova took fourth place.

“I feel great today. I was much less nervous than I was in Samara and that makes me happy. I like the inner state that I am ready to perform at least every week, I get maximum pay for progress. Today I am more confident.” … confidence. The most important thing is that it is solvable. We need to work and everything will be fine,” Frolova told reporters.

The figure skater said that it was not difficult for her to perform two weeks in a row. “I am not tired. I will still go to the competitions in Saransk. In Samara the time difference (one hour) was unnoticeable, in Perm (two hours) it was difficult to get up for training. I did the first warm-up and woke up today at 4:45 Moscow time. After waking up The first two seconds after the next were very difficult. I was a little sad that I was two stages in a row, but then I got ready and went. … I went to bed at 12 Moscow time. I also slept after training. Therefore, I had enough energy, ” – said Frolova.

The figure skater told why she did spins in different directions. “After each turn, I get dizzy. It so happened that in childhood, when I briefly skated with Ilya Klimkin, he took turns in different directions. He became somewhat famous for this. He told us in childhood: try like this Frolova, “less. Then I never trained him for a long time. But when the rules changed, I started running those rotations again and the skill quickly came back.”

In the short program, Frolova failed to get a note for the loop after she edged out at the entrance. “Rittberger is now my favorite element. It seems that now I have some kind of difficult relationship with him in competitions. Everything is fine in warm-up and training. But in the beginning the legs are shaking, yes. We’ll think about what to do with it, it’s a sign that you need to complicate the content and take a somersault , maybe on the contrary, you need to jump even more rittberger so as not to fly over the edge and fly somewhere in the wrong direction. Maybe I was unconsciously afraid of this jump, but it was not the thought that I would fly off my ribs, ”the skater finished.

Source: Ria

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