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Post: Players “Spartacus” and “Zenith” quarreled on the field: details of the scandal


Football players “Zenith” and “Spartak” held a mass brawl at the end of the Russian Cup match.

MOSCOW, November 28 – RIA Novosti. Players “Zenith” and “Spartak” got into a collective fight at the end of the Russian Cup match. Six erasures, the victory of Sergei Semak’s team (0:0, 4:2 – penalty shootout) and emotional interviews after the match – this is the result of the sixth round match in the group stage of the tournament.

The fight broke out just after the whistle about the end of game time: Quincy Promes and Wilmar Barrios grappled, followed by Shamar Nicholson (Spartak) and Rodrigao (Zenit) joining the showdown. St. Petersburg defender kicked the Muscovites forward, Nicholson responded with punches in the face. A big brawl broke out on the field with the participation of all players and technical delegation representatives of both teams. The referee team and officials tried to separate the fighters.

After using VAR, the match’s chief referee, Vladimir Moskalev, sent six players off: Zenit’s Rodrigao, Malcolm and Vilmar Barrios, and Spartak’s Nicholson, Alexander Sobolev and Alexander Selikhov.

The defender and captain of the Moscow “Spartak” George Jikia, commenting on the fight, likened it to a fight at a wedding.

After the match, Jikia said, “I saw a couple getting married here. What is a wedding without a fight? Happy holidays.” He also drew attention to the boxing skills of Shamar Nikolkoson. “Delivered technique. He likes to fight for first place, well done. His punishment is pretty severe. We’ll figure it out, look,” Jikia finished.

Former Spartak coach and Russian national team Oleg Romantsev did not enjoy the struggle.

“Yes – hot, yes – spirited, but what does football have to do with it? And the first thing that comes to my mind is, why didn’t you show it all on the field?” – The famous coach added that the fight does not claim to be among the “coolest”. “Bloodless, ambulance sirens, special forces,” Romantsev joked in an interview with Sport Express.

But “Zenith” defender Dejan Lovren, who currently plays for the Croatian national team at the World Cup in Qatar, was shocked by the partners’ struggle.

“Oh my God! I was shocked to see this. It’s a crazy fight like in the UFC. I hope everyone is well,” Lovren told reporters who showed him the video of the fight.

Having collected 13 points, Spartak entered the Russian Cup RPL play-offs as the first in Group B. “Zenith” (11 points) took third place and will advance to the main round of the playoffs on the way to the regions.

The Russian Cup playoffs will be held in February-May 2023.

Source: Ria

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