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Post: Mishin-Derzhavin and Plushenko-Pushkin: Russian Grand Prix series ended in Perm


Figure skaters Tuktamysheva and Semenenko became the winners of the Grand Prix stage in Perm.

The final sixth stage of the Russian Grand Prix in figure skating wrapped up in Perm on Sunday. The clash between 2015 world champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva Alexei Mishin’s student and Sofia Muravyova, who was training with Evgeni Plushenko, was marked. The duel of these skaters and, accordingly, their coaches ended with the victory of experience over youth.

unique skate

Both 25-year-old Tuktamysheva and 16-year-old Muravyova use an ax with three and a half turns as their main technical weapon. These skaters are also mastering the quadruple jumps, but not to the extent that they can currently be demonstrated in performances. In the short program, both triple axes were successful, but Tuktamysheva dirtyly made two triple jump cascades, and also stumbled in the step sequence, so she lost almost three points to Muravyova.

In free skating, the 2015 world champion cleanly made two triple axles, and then did not try to perform “3-3” combinations, relying on impeccable performance. In addition to the two axles in three and a half turns, his young opponent performed a double-digit triple jump. But, according to the judges, Tuktamysheva has a clear advantage in the components of the program. As a result, Mishin’s student was ahead by 0.79 points in figure skating training with Plushenko.

“I don’t know how to celebrate the show, but I will definitely please myself with something. I guess everyone can guess,” Tuktamysheva said after the winning free program. according to him, he was going to celebrate the victory of the Grand on the previous stage – in Moscow, Russia. – I want to sleep, but we have a very early flight, so we are unlikely to be successful.”

Muravyova declined to comment after the tournament. Experts described the performance of the skaters as generally equal. Two-time Olympic medalist Alexander Zhulin, assessing the competitors’ competition for victory, said, “Absolutely even performance, today Liza was luckier, you see, what’s wrong: After all, Liza Tuktamysheva has been skating for a very long time , and in terms of her long stay in the sport, it is certain that she I think he had a priority. And the judges, most likely, the second note was his.”

“Today the girls had a great skating. Not only Lisa, but also Sonya was skating absolutely wonderfully. Simply unique. They have dozens of differences – this shows that the girls skated the program equally strong. I really liked Alina Gorbacheva. Honored Coach of the USSR “Today was the third,” said Tatyana Tarasova.

As for the confrontation between Mishin and Plushenko, the professor, in an interview on Channel One after Tuktamysheva’s victory, figuratively acknowledged the inevitability of a change in the coaching generations and paid tribute to the student that the two had led to. Olympic gold medals. “I went to Zhenya in the morning and said the situation today is like Derzhavin and Pushkin,” said Mishin, describing the defeat in Perm as the most pleasant.

According to the results of the six stages of the Russian Grand Prix in women’s singles, Kamila Valieva took first place with 36 points and was ahead of Tuktamysheva, who had the same score in additional indicators. Sofia Samodelkina was third with 34 points, Muravyova was fourth (32), Sofia Akatieva was fifth with 30 points, and Alexandra Trusova was sixth with the same points.

Semenenko helped with the Olympic experience

Evgeny Semenenko was accepted as the favorite in the men’s tournament in the sixth stage of the Russian Grand Prix. This skater already noted two weeks ago that in the fourth stage in Moscow, the recovery from the injury, which he received before the start of the season, is going well. He was second after losing to Peter Gumennik. In Perm, Semenenko said that his leg practically no longer bothered him.

This is confirmed by the performance of the student of Alexei Mishin at the final stage of the series. In the short program, she cleanly did two jumps in four rounds – a toe loop and a salchow, and in a free program – three (two toe loops and a salchow). Both these and all other elements in both programs were performed on positive grades. As a result, Semenenko overtook runner-up Ilya Yablokov by more than 28 points. The third was Artem Kovalev.

It is noteworthy that Semenenko last performed both in the short and in the free program. “Previously, it was unusual for me to skate under the last number, I was worried about this. The Olympic experience helped – there I had to skate last in the warm-up in the free program and managed to set it up,” said the skater.

Emotions from his performance in the sixth stage of the Russian Grand Prix described the champion as incredible. “I think today is the maximum – in terms of the first evaluation, the second evaluation. Today, everything was great in general from a technical point of view. The points show that it was a good tournament. It seems that it happened again, the highlight of the day,” said Semenenko.

The best result in the overall standings of the Russian Grand Prix was Dmitry Aliev, who won both stages with 36 points. Semenenko and Mishin’s teammate Gleb Lutfullin each scored 34 points. The winner of the 2022 Olympics team tournament, Mark Kondratyuk, is in fourth place with 32 points, ahead of Petr Gumennik in additional indicators. Sixth – Alexander Samarin.

Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov were considered the main contenders for the win in the sixth tournament of the series among sports couples. Like Tuktamysheva, these skaters competed on the Moscow stage two weeks ago before the Perm stage and confidently won, beating the world record. The winners of the Olympic Team Tournament held in Beijing failed to score a record this time and won the first place they deserved. Ekaterina Chikmareva and Matvey Yanchenkov took second place, Anastasia Mukhortova and Dmitry Evgeniev took third place.

After the short program, Gallyamov said, “I’ve had a microtrauma for about a week. Maybe the blemishes are related to it. After the show, they both grinned and decided we had to take it slow.”

There were no more blemishes in the free program. “The mood today is much better than yesterday. The performance is satisfactory. The leg almost does not bother me – thanks to the federation, which provides us with vitamins, drugs, painkillers. They help.”

In the overall standings of the Russian Grand Prix, Mishina and Gallyamov scored the highest (36), and in additional indicators took first place ahead of Alexander Boikova and Dmitry Kozlovsky, who again had two stage wins and 36 points. Evgeniya Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov (34) finished third in terms of additional indicators, beating Natalya Khabibullina and Ilya Knyazhuka (34) despite losing in the first stage. Fifth – Yasmina Kadyrova and Valery Kolesov, sixth – Yulia Artemyeva and Alexei Bryukhanov (both couples – 30 points each).

In the dancers’ tournament of the sixth stage of the Russian Grand Prix, there were also clear competitors for each prize. There was no sensation: Sofia Tyutyunina and Andrey Bagin won, Elizaveta Pasechnik and Maxim Nekrasov took second place, Alexandra Kravchenko and Alexander Shustitsky took third place.

According to the results of the series in the general classification, Elizaveta Khudaiberdiyeva and Yegor Bazin took the first place with 36 points, the same number for Annabel Morozova and David Narizhny, who lost in additional indicators. Tyutyunina/Bagin (third) and Vasilisa Kaganovskaya/Valery Angelopol (fourth) each have 34 points. Elizaveta Shanaeva/Pavel Drozd finished fifth with 32 points, while Irina Khavronina and Dario Chirizano (30) finished sixth.

The final of the Russian Grand Prix will be held in Sochi on 3-5 March.

Source: Ria

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