Post: FIFA sues Croatian federation for insults by Boryan

FIFA sued the Croatian federation for insults by Canadian fan Borjan.

MOSCOW, November 29 – RIA Novosti. The International Football Federation (FIFA) has filed a disciplinary action against the Croatian Football Association (HNS) after Croatian fans insulted Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borjan during a World Cup match in Qatar.

The Group F match played between the Croatian and Canadian national teams on 27 November ended with the Croatians scoring 4:1. During the match, Croatian fans hung a provocative banner reading “Knin 95: no one can run as fast as Borjan”. Borjan, an ethnic Serb family, fled Knin, the former capital of Serbian Krajina, after Croatian troops captured the city in 1995.

The Croatian side was accused of discriminatory behavior by the fans. The dates when the case will be heard and the verdict will be announced have not been specified.

Borjan, who plays for the Canadian national team, plays at the club level of Serbian Red Star Zvezda and is the captain of the Belgrade team.

Source: Ria

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