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Post: Agent Selyuk spoke about Rotenberg’s appointment to Lokomotiv


Agent Selyuk believes the wind of change has been felt with Rotenberg’s appointment to Lokomotiv

MOSCOW, November 29 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. Former Rotenberg manager Dmitry Selyuk told RIA Novosti that the arrival of former football player Lokomotiv Boris Rotenberg as director of the Moscow club’s youth football development department shows that the railway workers are on the right track.

Rotenberg, who played for Lokomotiv from 2016 to 2022 and became the champion of Russia with the club, will be responsible for the implementation of a unified training system for young football players. It affects the entire club vertical of Lokomotiv, which includes teams of all ages. The main task of the department is to prepare players who will meet the requirements of the main team as much as possible.

“I congratulate Boris on his appointment, but you can congratulate not only him, but also Lokomotiv. After what (Thomas) Zorn did there, new leaders appointed Rotenberg. The wind of change is felt, the air is clearing. Everyone understands this. Boris, who cares about his reputation He is a person who will work hard. He may make mistakes, but he will try to improve as a manager. I think a lot of things will change for the better at Lokomotiv. There is a lot of work to do,” said Selyuk.

“The club made the right choice. First of all, I wish Rotenberg to remain an honest, clean person who will contribute to the club. Boris will do everything right, no doubt. Many wins. Football is in his blood.” ‘ said the agent.

Selyuk added that since he has retired, he can no longer be considered an agent of Rotenberg, but remains on friendly terms with him.

“You know, Yaya Toure once said that I am no longer his manager because he ended his playing career. Boris and his playing activities ended. We will remain friends and we will work together. For example, Rigobert Song is also my former football player, now he is the coach of the Cameroon national team. The players I work with are in football. “I’m happy with the development: they coach, they manage departments and federations. I don’t have a relationship with anyone,” he said. aforementioned.

Source: Ria

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