SportsFormer actor of "Spartacus" caught with drugs. Where...

Former actor of “Spartacus” caught with drugs. Where did he carry 115 kg of cocaine?


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Former Spartak football player Petkovic arrested with 115kg of cocaine in Amsterdam

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Serbian defender Dusan Petkovic made his debut for two clubs in the Russian Championship, but later turned in the wrong direction. The 48-year-old former football player was detained in Amsterdam and charged with carrying more than one hundred kilograms of cocaine.

Petkovic’s unique career and the game at Spartak

Petkovic’s career is unique in many ways. He started his career in Belgrade club OFK, to which he returned 4 times during his career. First he went to conquer Spain and played for Mallorca, then returned to the OFC. Then he went to Japan and returned home again. Then there was a business trip to Germany and performances in decent clubs such as Wolfsburg and Nuremberg.

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At the end of January 2004, the defender decided to move to Russia and signed a three-year contract with Spartak Moscow. “Red-and-white” managed to declare the Serbs for the UEFA Cup matches, so his debut took place in February of that year, in the first match of the 1/16 finals with the same “Mallorca”, which he played eight years ago. . Muscovites managed to get a big defeat with a score of 0:3. The minimum win in the return match could not save Spartak, who ended his journey in European competition in this regard.

Meanwhile, Petkovic started playing quite regularly for his new club in the spring. True, their performance cannot be called very successful. He scored an own goal in the match against Saturn. In fairness, it should be noted that in the same match, Dusan scored from a free kick and tied with the “red-whites”. In total, the Serbian played hard for Spartak in 14 games, in which he scored two goals. However, the play of the defender did not affect the Muscovites management and his contract with him was terminated.

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As you can imagine, Petkovic once again went to his hometown OFK after Spartak. Although he did not abandon his attempts to play abroad. At the end of 2005, he was about to sign a contract with the British “Birmingham”, but eventually returned to Russia. This time it was heated by Ramensky “Saturn”, which was later directed by Slovak specialist Vladimir Weiss. Dusan often went to court and persuaded management to extend his contract at the end of 2006, but at the start of the following season Petkovic was expelled from the club by Weiss’s decision.

End of career and new opportunities

This was the last straw for the Serb, who was completely helpless and decided to end his professional career. He also had an interesting story while playing for the national team, which was then called the Serbia and Montenegro national team. The fact is that the team was coached by his father, Iliya Petkovich.

Serbia and Montenegro managed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup, but the elder Petkovic initially did not call his son to the national team. And then one of the leaders, Mirko Vucinic, broke down and Dusan was called in his place. This was categorically not liked by the fans and forces close to football in the country, because instead of an attacking coach, he called a defender. Ilia Petkovic was accused of protectionism and family ties. The pressure was so severe that Dusan had to leave the national team without playing in the World Cup.

After completing his career, Petkovic held leadership positions at the same Belgrade OFK. However, apparently, the main source of income was different. According to Serbian media, Dusan was a member of a drug syndicate involved in the transport of drugs. Such activities would sooner or later end badly.

It was learned that the former Spartak player, along with his accomplice Damian Roganovich and six other accomplices, was detained in a joint operation involving Serbian, Dutch and Belgian police. It turned out that Petkovic had 115 kilos of cocaine. All members of the group were detained and arrested at the scene. The prosecution said the suspects were suspected of committing criminal offenses in the form of conspiracy to commit a crime and the unauthorized manufacture and sale of drugs.

According to investigators, they transported the drugs from South America to the port of Rotterdam and then transported the cargo to Arlon, Belgium. There they hid the cocaine in concrete slabs. There were a total of 22 containing three packets of cocaine, each weighing 1120 grams. Goods from Belgium were transported all over Europe.

If the former Spartak defender is proven guilty, he will no doubt face a long prison sentence. And a return to the world of football is unlikely.

Source: Ria

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