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Post: The ‘Union Day’ regatta sets sail in Dubai


Dubai (Union)

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“Friday” closes the entry gate to participate in the “Union Day 51” race for local 22-foot yachts organized by the Dubai International Sailing Club “Saturday”. Celebrate Unity Day on the beaches and beautiful coastline of Jumeirah. Attractions near Danat Al Dunya, Dubai and Jumeirah beaches.
On the other hand, the club headquarters in Dubai Harbor witnessed an expressive national celebration imbued with the spirit of the 41st Unity Day and carried the fragrance of the glorious past with various activities in the presence of Mohammed Abdullah Hareb Al Falakh. , Executive Director of the Dubai International Marine Club, Department Directors, Officials and Club Employees.
Together, the Dubai International Maritime Sports Club family, including Victorian team management, celebrated the timeless occasion through an event marquee at the clubhouse that reflected the spirit of the past and the fragrant history of folk heritage amidst the national anthem. and singing. Remembering the generosity of the founding fathers and abuelos who laid the first foundations of the state more than 5 years ago, the decades and the victorious march will continue thanks to the mentality of a wise leader, to bring glory and progress to which our state is today at the high. first plan.

Source: Al Ittihad

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