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Post: Argentina and Australia “5-1”!


Ali Maal (Dubai)

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Australian fans were in awe as the Kangaroos reached the Round of 16 at the 2022 World Cup, their second appearance at the global event and their sixth appearance since their first at the 2006 World Cup. The ‘Golden Generation’ included Mark Viduka, Harry Coyle and Mark Schwarzer.
Although it was four o’clock in the morning in Australia, the masses took to the streets in their thousands and expressed great joy, watching the game on giant screens located in the central areas of cities. The victory was celebrated with torches. One goal went to Denmark and continued after the final whistle and the most emotional scenes took place in Fed Square, Melbourne.
Currently, with a team without stars, coach Graham Arnold managed to play a great game, ending the group by defeating Denmark and facing Tunisia, and in the next round he will face Argentina next Saturday, which is the eighth consecutive game. ???????? The story of the rivalry between the two teams and the superiority of “Tango” over “Canguro” emerges. By a wide margin, since Argentina have already conceded 5 goals, against the same draw as Australia, and Saturday’s meeting represents a milestone in the path of the two teams towards the “World Cup 2022”.
The two teams met for the first time on July 14, 1988 in a 4-1 friendly in Sydney, Australia. Argentina also won a two-goal friendly at River Plate on June 18, 1992.
The two teams met in qualifying for the 1994 World Cup, with the first leg being played in Sydney on 31 October 1993 and ending in a 1-1 draw, before meeting in Argentina on 17 November 1993. 1993. , with the support of the local selection team 1. -0.
Argentina hosted Australia in a friendly on 30 June 1995 and Tango won 1-0, and the two teams met again in the group stage of the 2005 Confederations Cup in Germany. The meeting was held on June 18 at the Nuremberg stadium. in 2005 and Argentina won 4-2.
The seventh and final encounter took place on September 11, 2007 and the ‘Goal de Tango’ was scored by Demichelis with a magical pass by Lionel Messi.

Source: Al Ittihad

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