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Post: Mohsen Musabe: “Defense skills” is a World Cup phenomenon!


Ali Maal (Dubai)
World Cup goalkeeper Mohsen Musabih, a former goalkeeper for our national team and former chairman of Sharjah Football Club, believes that goalkeepers at the 2022 World Cup will be completely different from previous years, emphasizing that the skills of defenders have transformed. Bring players closer to how to handle the ball in difficult moments.
Mohsen Musabih said: The goalkeeper has evolved a lot since the past because the focus used to be on his presence between the posts, but now he has a key role behind the defenders and has to play well with his feet. And the balloon in the ground, because the high pressure and the speed in the attack of the opponents vary much, this obliges the doorman to make decisions and act quickly and intelligently with the balloon, now it is a shot, a step to a companion or included. Avoiding attackers.
He added: It’s not enough for a goalkeeper to defend goal brilliantly with his hands alone, but recent developments in football have made him a key player on the pitch in general, not just in Region 18, and he should. He is positive outside the area and scores goals with a long ball and spin, which is a big advantage for the defender at the moment.
Musaba said: I wish, like all emirates who are jealous of their country’s national team, that we were at the current World Cup because the opportunity was in our hands, but we should not regret the past and we should correct the situation. In the coming period and developing a strategy for players aged 22 to 27 to be present at the next World Cup, a clear strategy and objectives are needed.
Mohsen Musabih highlighted that increasing the number of teams from 32 to 48 will give many opportunities for teams from all over the world and therefore we need to take advantage of this essential point and it requires us to plan our work in a proper and organized way. saying: We want the Football Association not to carry all the burden, but Our clubs have a bigger role to play, paying attention to age groups, from youth to 17 and 18, and the attitude and mentality of youth players and even the management needs to change. To develop ourselves and move on to a professional stage that serves the course of the game in the midst of the great development that involves us in all aspects of the game.
He continued: We have all the ingredients to raise the level of infrastructure and financial capacity and therefore, by developing suitable plans and creating an atmosphere with changing ideas that will bear fruit, we must restore the identity of the national team.
Mosby continued: “There’s been a lot of positive work from goalkeepers at the World Cup, the role they’ve played in passing and creating attacks, with a lot of good hitting helping their teams win and I think that’s the number one thing.” On the coach’s side, he became the goalkeeper, because he became the most prominent element and the most important part of the team.
He added: “Watching the matches, I can see that most of the defenders have an excellent level, including Dani Schmeichel, who is a representative of a football dynasty, which shows that the genetic aspect, in addition to talent, makes him become one of the talents of the game now, because a lot has benefited from his father, “Papa Schmeichel”, who we see sitting in the stands watching his son defend his nest.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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