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Post: Drozd announced the victory of Ismailov in a duel with Shlemenko


Boxer Drozd explained the victory of Ismailov over Shlemenko with competent tactics in the battle

MOSCOW, December 4 – RIA Novosti, Oleg Bogatov. Former World Boxing Council (WBC) world champion Grigory Drozd told RIA Novosti that Russian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Magomed Ismailov has chosen a competent tactic for the fight against Alexander Shlemenko and is confident in wrestling on the rack.

Ismailov defeated Shlemenko by unanimous decision at the main event of the tournament in Yekaterinburg on Saturday.

Drozd said, “Ismailov fought at a good level. The fight still felt a bit boring to me. But Magomed did a good job. He defeated the former Bellator champion in an absolutely natural way. Ismailov chose the right tactic – standing boxing.” Do not waste energy in the position and fight, because there Shlemenko can really bring surprises.”

“Magomed more or less distributed his forces over all five rounds,” added the specialist, “And Sasha is no longer at the peak of his abilities, even when he had them five years ago. Therefore, everything was in proportion: and Magomed was well prepared for the entire distance of the fight. And Alexander had a chance to win, too. Apparently, his career is already heading into the sunset, but this does not detract from his value, he entered the octagon and gave a fair fight. ”

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