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Post: Kiryakov talked about how van Gaal’s words that angered Messi affected the game


Kiryakov: Van Gaal’s words added degree and tension to the game if Messi criticizes harshly

MOSCOW, December 10 – RIA Novosti, Oleg Bogatov. If Argentine football player Lionel Messi harshly criticized the head coach of the Netherlands national team, Louis van Gaal, after the 1/4 final match in the World Cup, it means that the words of the expert to his opponent before the match were greatly fueled. Former striker of the Russian national team, Sergey, told RIA Novosti Kiryakov the degree of tense tension in the principled encounter.

FIFA World Cup 2022
09 December 2022 • Starts at 22:00
Done (P)

2 : 33:4


On Friday, the Argentines defeated the Netherlands (2:2 in regular, 0:0 in overtime, 4:3 in penalties) and advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament. Messi, who scored a goal and an assist in the post-match series, also transformed the penalty. After the match, the football player made an obscene gesture to van Gaal and then accused him of making disrespectful and provocative remarks towards the Argentina national team before the match.

Evaluating Lionel’s behavior, Kiryakov said: “To some extent, everything led to such a tense ending to the fights of the players on the field and the words Messi said to van Gaal. I did not follow the words of Louis. Argentina national team But Messi, Van Gaal “Those words also played a role in making the match very tense, seeing a brawl and some gestures on the field, and words after the match. But that’s part of football.”

Expert, “For example, we constantly criticize our players for the fight between Zenit and Spartak. It is clear that this should be stopped, but we see that the same thing is happening at a high level.” Most of it depends on the referees and referees and everything else is normal for football at this level and I don’t know what kind of youth Messi is going through now. top class. look at the pass he gave in the first goal, how calm he played 11 meters both in the match and penalty shootout. It shows that the pressure did not affect him too much. But this shows that he is. It’s his last chance to win the World Cup and he understands that very well.”

Source: Ria

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